Top 10 Heartwarming Romance Anime to Add to Your WATCHLIST!

Welcome to our top 10 heartwarming romance anime list! If you're looking for anime that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then this list is for you. We've compiled a list of the best romance anime that are guaranteed to give you all the feels. 

From cute high school romances to mature relationships, this list has it all. So sit back, grab some snacks, and get ready to add these heartwarming anime to your watchlist!

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To create a heartwarming anime about a giant, you can introduce a popular girl to the story. Meet Junita, a youth who wants to enjoy his life but goes unnoticed by his classmates. 

However, he is fortunate enough to catch the attention of a beautiful girl who enjoys teasing and playing with him - Takagi-san 2.0. While this formula has been used before, the story remains fresh and entertaining. The anime boasts a simple yet wholesome art style, with the voice acting perfectly matching the tone of the show.



While this anime has not yet been released, it is scheduled for release in April, so it is worth adding to your watch list. The manga it is based on is wholesome, so if the anime remains faithful to the source material, we can expect a nice and wholesome family show. 

The story follows Ichiro Kuga, a manga artist who finds it difficult to maintain his career and take care of his siblings after his father's death. Along comes a talented and beautiful assistant named Shiori Goshiki who proposes to him, causing things to take an unexpected turn. Will they get married? You'll have to watch the anime to find out. Overall, the premise is simple and heartwarming, and promises to be an enjoyable series for fans of wholesome anime.



At times, an anime can be so exceptional that it deserves every award, while at other times, it can be so dreadful that it warrants a slap in the face. However, this particular anime is worth watching because of its excellent use of juxtaposition. What happens when you combine the most terrifying gangster with a hard-working office lady and marry them together? 

The gangster transforms into an eccentric house husband in no time. Despite receiving a lot of criticism for its animation, this anime has a heartwarming and hilarious storyline that makes it worth watching. Although the first episode may raise some doubts due to its animation quality, one can quickly get used to it. It is unclear whether the animation is due to budget constraints or a stylistic choice, but ultimately, viewers can enjoy this anime for its wholesome comedy rather than its animation.



It wouldn't be fair if I excluded a Yuri romance from this list. This anime follows Adachi, who is best friends with Shimamura. In a dream, Adachi witnesses kissing Shimamura and begins to doubt her friendship as she grapples with her feelings of love. 

While this may not appeal to non-Yuri fans, it is the perfect anime for the Yuri community. What sets this show apart is the time it takes to develop the relationship between the two characters. While they may not kiss under the cherry blossom tree for a couple of millennia, viewers can feel the wholesomeness of their relationship as it develops.



This anime introduces us to the first example of wholesome teasing. Is this slowly becoming a trope? We are introduced to Ayumu Tanaka, a student who joins the shogi club. The shogi club president, Urishi Yatome, is excited to have another member in the club and is determined to teach her underclassmen how to play shogi properly. 

Ayumu develops a crush on her Senpai but is cautious about confessing to her. Did you know that this anime was written by the same author as Takagi's Answer? While it may not have the same vibe, it still has plenty of wholesome teasing. This show is not focused on a deep plot that tackles heavy themes. Instead, expect to see some teasing along with board games.






Have you ever been rejected because the girl you liked was too shy to reciprocate your feelings? Natsuki Inomoto and Yui Satoguchi are childhood friends who harbor feelings for each other, but they are unable to confess their love. When Natsuki finally musters up the courage to confess, things go awry, and she ends up pretending it was just a practice confession. Ouch! Now, she needs to correct her mistake and confess her true feelings to Yui. 

Although this romance movie is all about confessing, don't expect the couple to get together within the first five minutes of the film. The anime does a great job of exploring the complex emotions and feelings of teenage love, and there are several other couples in the movie, so you don't have to root for just the main one.



It's time to switch things up with a workplace comedy that doesn't involve high schoolers. The family restaurant called Wagnaria is where our main characters work. Papura hires Sota Takanashi to work in this seemingly wholesome restaurant, but it turns out to be quite the opposite. The cast of characters is crazy, from the chefs to the waitresses, and even the owner is crazier. The show does not hold back in showcasing their quirks, which is what makes them unique and refreshing. 

This anime is a breath of fresh air as it does not take place in a high school setting, making it all the more original. If you're looking for a slice of life workplace comedy with eccentric chefs and waitresses, then this is the show for you.



What's it like to have a perfect roommate who not only cooks and cleans, but also lives next door and has a cute face? This anime may seem like another wish-fulfillment fantasy, but it still manages to deliver a wholesome experience. The protagonist's apartment is in shambles, and he's struggling with a nasty flu, but when he lends a hand to a girl named Maru, she offers to help him with his daily chores. 

The plot is straightforward, the characters are charmingly simple, and the animation is surprisingly high-quality for a romance anime. If you're in the mood for a show about the perfect girlfriend, give this one a shot.



In this anime, a man gets hit by a truck and is on the verge of death until a mysterious girl saves him. After confessing his feelings to her, she agrees to marry him in a few years. Fast forward a few years later, and the girl appears at his door with a marriage certificate, and they get married. 

Despite the lack of tension and love rivalries, the anime feels incredibly wholesome as it focuses on the daily life of the cute couple living together in the same apartment, experiencing awkward moments along the way. If you're looking for an anime that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, this is the one for you. Additionally, season two is coming soon, so be sure to binge-watch the first season to be ready for it.



This anime is the epitome of wholesomeness as it features multiple couples struggling to confess their feelings to one another. Tsurezure Children isn't a hardcore romance anime, but rather a coming-of-age love story that everyone should watch. The show adeptly captures the nuances of teenage emotions, and with its diverse cast of characters, viewers get to see various types of love stories unfold. From the art style to the dialogues and characters, everything feels incredibly wholesome. 

The anime also does an excellent job of exploring the relationships of each couple, making it a must-watch for anyone who has ever experienced young love. Even those who haven't can relate to the feelings conveyed by the characters. Don't miss out on this heartwarming anime.



Each of these anime has unique and lovable characters, well-developed storylines, and beautiful art styles that will make you feel emotionally invested in the characters' lives. Whether you are a fan of high school romance, workplace comedy, or wish fulfillment, there is an anime on this list for everyone. 

So why not add them to your watchlist and let yourself get lost in the world of heartwarming romance?


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