Top 10 Harem Anime With Overpowered MC That pretending WEAKNESS!

Harem anime is a popular genre that centers around a male protagonist who is surrounded by multiple female characters who are attracted to him. This genre often incorporates elements of action, comedy, and romance, making it a fan favorite. One common trope within this genre is the overpowered main character who pretends to be weak. 

This allows the character to keep their abilities hidden and often results in a surprise reveal when the character's true power is revealed. In this list, we will be exploring the top 10 harem anime with overpowered MCs who pretend to be weak.

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Sets A Suzaki is once again summoned to a new world as a younger boy with a different identity. Despite becoming an isekai normie along with others, he strives to showcase his strength and become even stronger. 

Drawing on his past experiences and knowledge, he reconnects with old partners and makes new friends while acquiring various combat skills to become an overpowered fighter. However, he also learns to challenge himself as a hero and seeks out new experiences, all while fulfilling his mission to save the world.



In Myriad Colors Phantom World, the story centers around Haruhiko Ichijo and his Phantom Hunting Club at Hosea Academy, a private school for students with special abilities to seal Phantoms. They deal with these mischievous beings in a world where the real and surreal intertwine. At first, Haruhiko and Mai Kawakami are the only members of the Phantom Hunter Club, performing poorly and underestimated by classmates. 

However, after recruiting new members, including female members with unique abilities, they become the most popular teens with high success rates due to their teamwork. Despite being called useless by his party, Haruhiko possesses a special ability called The Book of Thoth, which he uses to summon Phantoms he draws and copycat others' skills. He also gains the ability to enter people's minds and memories, proving to be a valuable asset to the team.



After succumbing to a serious illness, Hiraku is brought back to life by God and given a second chance to live. With no magical abilities, Hirikou decides to pursue a new purpose in a fantasy world by becoming a farmer. God gifts him an all-powerful farming tool that can transform into any useful implement, even in attack mode. Hiraku's knowledge from his past life helps him to adapt to different situations and become one of the most powerful humans. 

As more people join him and reside on his farm, he creates a village with him as the chief. Despite encountering trials and errors, Hiraku survives and creates a village that is dominated by women, resulting in him having the largest harem member of any anime character.



The story centers around the reincarnation of a powerful Demon Lord named Ard Meteor, who is reborn as a human named Ard in a world where magic is commonplace. Despite his past, Ard hides his true power and tries to adapt to his new life as a typical high school student in Laville National Academy of Magic. As Ard gets to know his classmates, he slowly learns more about the world around him and experiences culture shock. 

However, his true power is revealed as an almighty majestic figure with a handsome face, causing many girls in the academy to develop romantic feelings for him. This leads to a competition in love between two girls, Irena and Ginny, who both vie for Ard's affection. Meanwhile, as Ard navigates the challenges of being human, he realizes that his past as a Demon Lord is still relevant in this world, as his old enemies are still active. Ard must use his skills and knowledge to protect his friends and prevent evil from taking over the world.



The anime series "The Eminence in Shadow" is a dark fantasy masterpiece with a unique concept. The protagonist, Kageno, is surrounded by powerful and loyal women who are part of his secret organization, Shadow Garden. He lives out his delusions through this organization, fulfilling his mystical fantasies. When he discovers that his imaginary enemies are real, his Harem Squad provides insider information and support to minimize risks in all areas of activity. 

The members of his harem are willing to die for him and Shadow Garden. Some of them are powerful figures who choose to remain anonymous or hidden, while others have developed public personas and earned prestige by monetizing their knowledge. Kageno is perceived as weak by others, but he takes advantage of this to disarm his enemies or gain their trust before unleashing his true abilities.






Set in a magical world where the military employs supernatural powers as weapons. The Academy's purpose is to train and educate students to become inquisitors who specialize in fighting against deviant behavior and magical threats. Despite being unable to use guns, Takero Kusanagi becomes the leader of the 35th Test Platoon due to his exceptional swordsmanship. The other members of the platoon, who are all women that failed their training exams, are consistently underestimated by others.

Takero, who is the last surviving member of the Kusanagi clan, is one of the few remaining blade users in the world. When he activates the Relic Eater, his abilities increase significantly, allowing him to awaken his magical potency and swordplay knowledge, which complement each other seamlessly. The platoon's reputation grows as they solve mysteries related to the corrupt forces threatening the magical world, despite the chaos happening around them.



An adult programmer finds himself unexpectedly transported into an RPG game world that is still under development. He is completely unprepared and is reincarnated as an innocent boy with a level one status. He takes on the subtle nickname that he used during beta tests and uses his previous gaming experience to level up quickly and gain new skills and abilities. He becomes a compelling character due to his advanced spells and the creation of magical artifacts that aid him in his survival in the fantasy world.

Despite his powerful abilities, he realizes that he is still not strong enough to take on the Demon King and decides to hide his true power. This is because he wishes to live a peaceful life and is surrounded by a harem of women who are interested in him. Though Sato, his new name, sometimes has romantic interactions with these women, he stubbornly holds onto his morals from his previous world. This shows his resistance to or disapproval of certain practices in the new world.



Ichika Orimura is a powerful character in the Infinite Stratos universe, where only women are capable of piloting the powerful Mecha suits. Despite being a male in a female-dominated field, he is forcibly enrolled in the Infinite Stratos Academy and graduates to become a pilot. Though he initially appears weak and inexperienced, many female characters underestimate him.

Regarding equipment, Ichika is often seen using a customized suit known as the Byakushiki suit, which is tailored specifically to his abilities. It is equipped with various powerful weapons, including energy blades, machine guns, and missile launchers. One of Ichika's most impressive abilities is his natural talent for combat. He possesses incredible reflexes, agility, and physical strength, which allow him to hold his own against even the most powerful opponents.



Issei Hyoudou starts off as the most perverted boy in the entire student body. However, when he is unexpectedly killed by a Fallen Angel, his life takes a 180-degree turn. He is reborn and given a second chance at life, becoming a servant of the top tier devil Rias Gremory. Issei becomes a member of Rias's peerage, initially as a Pawn, but is later recognized for his potential and automatically becomes a part of the Occult Research Club.

After the Evil Dragon War, Issei is promoted to a high-class devil and becomes the king of his independent peerage, bringing him one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a Harem King. He possesses a powerful Sacred Gear called Boosted Gear, which allows him to boost his physical attacks and magical powers every 10 seconds.

Though Issei initially appears weak and hides his true power to avoid attracting too much attention from other powerful devils, his relationships with his harem members become increasingly complex as the story progresses. He must navigate the challenges of having multiple romantic interests, help them overcome their fears and hatred, and deal with their complicated pasts.



Basara Tojo is an ordinary high school student who is surprised when his father suddenly gets remarried and tells him to prepare for having a cute sister, only to find out that his new siblings are actually members of a Demon Lord clan. Basara soon discovers that he is the son of the strongest hero, having inherited a unique Heritage from his mother, Neo, a demon princess. As an ex-member of the hero Clan, he possesses special abilities, having drunk Fafner's Dragon Blood. 

Basara is forced into a master and serve contract with Mio, but Maria reverses it so that Basara becomes the master instead. They all continue to live together in the Tojo household, while Basara has to navigate various harem scenarios and protect Mio from other demons who seek her bloodline. The master-servant vow ties the master and servant together forever, boosting their power significantly. With each additional contract that reaches the vow state, the power of both master and servant is further amplified.



In conclusion, the harem genre is one that has captured the hearts of many anime fans. The inclusion of an overpowered main character who pretends to be weak adds an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to these shows. From the comedy to the action and the romance, these anime offer a unique viewing experience that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy. 

With this list, we have highlighted the top 10 harem anime with overpowered MCs who pretend to be weak, and we hope that you have found a new show to add to your watchlist.


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