Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 9: Recap and Ending Explained

The Angel's Real Face, episode 9 of "Tomo-chan Is a Girl" or "Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!" focuses on Misaki, who has struggled for years to be honest about his feelings for Carol. Carol spends the day with Junichirou in an effort to elicit a response from him. She even invites him to her room, where she gives him a cheek kiss. Misaki could hardly contain his emotions when he finally learned about their meeting, and Carol was able to sense that from his expression. The next day, Misuzu steps in and decides to make sure Carol's senpai tells her his feelings. The details of the ninth episode of "Tomo-chan Is a Girl" are provided here. Spoilers follow!

Recap of Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 9.

Misaki recalls how his life changed after he first met his childhood buddy and cousin many years ago. This is after the incident in which Tomo and Junichirou save Misuzu and Carol from shady upperclassmen. Misaki grew to care more about Carol with time, yet she was never even once vulnerable. She would endure the hardest circumstances in life without displaying any weakness, which was rather imposing. One of the reasons Misaki wanted to toughen up was because of her nature.

This eventually drove him to sign up for the Aizawa dojo, where he began his physical training. Even if he did get stronger, Misaki never told Carol-san how he really felt. Carol, who also liked him, was growing impatient in the meantime. In the intention of learning more about Misaki's emotions, she got the idea one regular day to make him uncomfortable and watch how he responded. She so requested Junichirou's time to spend with her. Junichirou originally refused, but he ultimately made up his mind to meet her that night.





After spending some time playing in the park, the two of them walked to Carol's room. Even though Junichirou was already second-guessing his choice, Carol was determined that she wanted to do something that would embarrass Misaki. In light of this, she gave Junichirou a cheek kiss and even got on top of him. Junichirou shoved her aside and hurried to Tomo's house since this was too much for her to handle. When Carol came, he had already given her a hug and was preparing to tell her what had happened.

As Carol informed Misaki what had happened the next day at school, she could tell that her senpai was growing envious of her time spent with Junichirou alone. Misuzu was informed of this later and thought it was high time for one of them to express their emotions. She therefore made the decision to address Misaki about his reluctance to admit how he felt.

The conclusion of Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 9: Does Misaki Admit His Love For Carol?

After speaking with Carol, Misuzu approaches Misaki and asks him openly why he has been delaying telling his boyhood friend about his thoughts. Misaki confesses openly that he finds it uncomfortable to never see Carol in a vulnerable state. Even though they have known each other for years, he has never proclaimed his love for Carol because he gets afraid whenever he considers having that type of connection with her. Misuzu acknowledges the validity of his concerns and believes she should make an effort to assist him.

She therefore vows to expose Carol so that Misaki can finally get the confidence to express his feelings. Misuzu does not think twice to inform Carol that she has no chance with him when she approaches her later that day to inquire about what she discussed with her senpai. Any hopes Carol had of ending up with Misaki are abruptly crushed by Misuzu, and she immediately flees back to her house. Misuzu's trick, however, accomplishes the desired outcome because anybody who sees her that day is astonished to finally see her crying.

Misuzu sends Misaki to her house so that they may talk about their emotions since she is now in a vulnerable position. When Misaki arrives at Carol's home, he discovers her sobbing bitterly. She receives assurance from him right away that Misuzu was lying. Then he goes on to say that it was all his fault because he wanted to see her defenseless. Once Misaki eventually admits his feelings for her, Carol likewise shares her feelings.


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