Spy Classroom Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

Klaus is overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities as a spy in 'Spy Classroom' or 'Spy Kyoushitsu' episode 8 titled 'Mission: Daughter Dearest I,' and Grete gradually becomes concerned about her well-being. When one of his superiors questions him about his odd habit of not involving Lamplight members in missions, Klaus feels compelled to reconsider his decision. When he discusses it with Lily one day and eventually decides to take her and others on his next mission, he finds himself in a well-planned trap. Here's everything you need to know about 'Spy Classroom' episode 8's ending. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Spy Classroom Episode 8

An assassin from Galgad who has infiltrated the Republic kills agents and politicians one by one. Meanwhile, Klaus has been actively involved in several missions and has done exceptionally well in completing each one without fail. However, all of these responsibilities have naturally worn him down. When one of his seniors meets with him, he tells Klaus that he should include Lamplight members in his future assignments. He discusses the loss that the Republic has already suffered as a result of the untimely deaths of all Inferno members except him.

Later that night, Grete visits his room and offers to console him because she believes he has been pushing himself too hard recently. Grete's romantic advances are far too obvious at this point, but Klaus is naturally on high alert. He suspects she is attempting to seduce him in order to set up a trap for her and her comrades to eventually force him to surrender. However, when the truth becomes painfully obvious, Klaus orders Grete to leave his room immediately. Klaus takes Lily to town the next day and asks her about her willingness to participate in a mission on the way.

When Lily expresses her desire to be closer to the action, just like her comrades who want to make the world a better place, Klaus informs her that they are about to embark on a mission. But it turns out that he will deal with the enemies alone, while Lily goes shopping and sightseeing in the meantime. When he returns, he almost immediately hears a gunshot and a tire being punctured. He finds Lily with a bullet wound on her right hand as he walks in the direction of the gunshot. She then tells him to continue walking in order to find the man who caused her injury.





But when he returns to the same location, unable to find the assassin he was looking for and suspicious that something was amiss, he finds Lily again. Lily, on the other hand, stabs him with her poisoned needles this time, claiming that he had just told her to do so moments before. Klaus quickly realizes that he and Lily were both duped by imposters. Grete and her comrades, who devised the entire scheme, arrive soon after, believing they have finally defeated their boss.

Spy Classroom Episode 8: Does Lamplight Persuade Their Boss to Surrender? How does Klaus perceive their plan?

When Grete and her team believe they have finally cornered Klaus, she places a gun to his head. She believes Lily's poison has already begun to work, and her boss is now vulnerable. Instead of surrendering, Klaus asks Grete how long he can put up with the whole thing. He then pushes her back and snatches the weapon from her grasp.

Lamplight's boss reveals that he was aware of the plan because the entire setup was not flawless and had obvious flaws. For example, Grete and her colleagues attempted to mask the sound of a gunshot with that of a punctured tire, knowing that only a spy would be able to tell the difference. This implied that someone was tricking Klaus into falling into a trap. As a result, Lamplight failed to fool their boss once more because he was always one step ahead of them.

Does Grete have feelings for Klaus? How Does Lamplight's Boss Plan to Take Down the Galgad Assassin?

After Lamplight fails to persuade Klaus to surrender yet again, they return to the Heat Haze palace, disappointed. Grete pays their boss a visit with a cup of tea when he is alone in his room. She tells him directly that by embracing her, she can help him make his day perfect. She has flirted with Lamplight's boss several times by this point, so he asks her directly if she is in love with him. Grete does not lie, but she tells Klaus that she does not want to hear his honest thoughts on the subject because her heart is not ready for it.

Klaus respects her words, but then goes on to talk about the recent attack on him. He is astounded that Grete was able to devise such an ingenious plan despite being completely unaware of so many aspects of the entire scenario. Grete then makes the shocking admission that she only had two seconds to think of the plan after running numerous variations through her head. Klaus is impressed with her performance and asks her to recruit three other Lamplight members so that he can take on the assassin from the Galgad Empire who has been targeting Republic agents and spies recently.


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