Girls Who Has a Crush on Asta in BLACK CLOVER!

Black Clover is a popular manga and anime series that follows the story of Asta, a young orphan boy who dreams of becoming the Wizard King, the strongest mage in the kingdom. 

Despite his lack of magical abilities in a world where magic is everything, Asta's determination and fighting spirit have won him many admirers, including a number of female characters who have developed feelings for him throughout the series.


One of the first girls to fall for Asta is Rebecca Scarlet, a member of the Black Bulls squad. Rebecca first met Asta at a mixer and was immediately drawn to him after discovering that they both had difficult experiences with their siblings. 

Despite being shy and reserved, Rebecca's infatuation with Asta is apparent in her interactions with him, often blushing and stuttering in his presence. Although Asta doesn't seem to notice her feelings, their friendship grows stronger as they fight side by side as members of the Black Bulls.


Another girl who has fallen for Asta is Mimosa Vermilion, a member of the Golden Dawn squad. Mimosa first met Asta in a dungeon and quickly developed feelings for him after seeing him at the Royal Capital. 

Unlike Rebecca, Mimosa is more forward about her feelings and often tries to spend time alone with Asta, much to the jealousy of other female characters in the series. Mimosa is also one of Asta's closest allies, using her healing magic to support him and the other members of the Black Bulls.


Noelle Silva, a member of the Clover Kingdom's royal family and the Black Bulls squad, is another girl who has feelings for Asta. However, Noelle is more conflicted about her emotions than Rebecca and Mimosa. 

Despite being attracted to Asta's strength and determination, Noelle struggles to express her feelings due to her status as a noble and her complicated family history. Noelle's feelings for Asta are further complicated by her own magical abilities, which she has trouble controlling and often causes her to feel isolated from others.


Despite the attention from multiple girls, Asta seems oblivious to their feelings because he is deeply in love with Sister Lily Aquaria, a member of the church who has known Asta since he was a child. 

Sister Lily has been a mentor and source of support for Asta throughout his life, and his infatuation with her is clear throughout the series. Asta often thinks about Sister Lily and goes out of his way to protect her, even putting his own life on the line to do so.


The dynamic between Asta and the girls who have feelings for him adds an interesting layer to the show and keeps fans guessing about who Asta will end up with in the end. 

Will Asta's love for Sister Lily be enough to keep him from noticing the affections of the other girls? Or will he eventually realize that he has feelings for one of his admirers? Only time will tell in this exciting and action-packed series.


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