Dragon Ball Super: Cooler in its final form returns in a stunning illustration

The mangaka Toyotaro surprised Dragon Ball Super fans again with the drawing of an old character. This time, Cooler updates its appearance.

Dragon Ball Super has always shown that Frieza is an important character for the development of the story of Goku and Vegeta. Whis helped the enemy return at the conclusion of the Tournament of Power, and Toriyama gave him a significant part in Broly's movie. He also made an appearance in the final chapter of the Entire tale in the manga.

But what about his brother? In Broly's film, Frieza's father leaves him in charge of his little boy but we never see Cooler anywhere. Its concealment, which makes it a supporting character in different movies and television shows, is the fault of Akira Toriyama.





Despite this, the mangaka Toriyama, the person in charge of the current comic, has it present in his most recent program "Toyotaro draws". As you can see in the following illustration, the character has his final transformation, where he keeps the tail and his white protective characteristics on the body.

Is Black Cooler also a reality?

After the publication of the closing of the Granola saga, the doubt is shared about whether Frieza is the strongest fighter in the universe. This is because he appeared as a surprise in the final battle to eliminate Gas and Elec in one fell swoop.

Gas Heata had already engaged in combat with Vegeta Mega Ego and Goku Ultra Instinct, indicating that Frieza is currently the most potent character. He trained in a time chamber before achieving the Black change.

Could Cooler match this level of strength as well? It is unknown at this time whether Toriyama and Toyotaro want to give Cooler prominence or just a passing reference.



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