Dr. Stone’s Escape Room Attraction is Now Open

With a partnership between SCRAP and the Dr. Stone series, an escape room experience named "Escape from The StoneCave" will allow visitors to experience what it's like to be inside a cave in a stone world, just like in Dr. Stone.

Visitors to this attraction can solve mysteries and actually carry out scientific experiments while trying to escape a locked area. Senku and his buddies will search for various materials in the Stone Cave in the game's original scenario. The moment the exploration starts, a landslide happens suddenly! The guests must assist Senku in locating a passageway so that he can awaken the petrified by creating the "petrification resurrection fluid" because there is no other way to leave the walled cave.

Starting today, guests to Shinjuku's Kabukicho's mystery theme park "TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS" can experience the attraction. The attraction was originally put on hold in February 2020 because to the pandemic, so today's opening is essentially a revival. As a result, those who were eager to visit and play can now do so. On the attraction's unique website, comprehensive information is available.

In addition to celebrating the opening, unique foods and beverages made especially for this occasion are sold. Six different unique items from the event can also be purchased in addition to the meals.


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