A Father's REVENGE! Hunting Down the Thugs Who Killed His Daughter!

Do you remember the movie where Liam Neeson went on a rampage to rescue his kidnapped daughter? What if you replaced him with Batman and took it to the world of gangs and politics? Well, that's what Manager Kim, a Korean webtoon, feels like. 

This manual is a different breed, making Yugi Ohana blush. The craziest part is that it falls in the same universe as one of the viral hits.

The story begins with Manager Kim apologizing to a family because his daughter, Minji, got into a fight with their daughter, Hiri. Minji is angry because she's the one who got bullied, and her father apologized. 

The school does not want to involve Hiri's father, a big company manager who is thinking of getting into politics. But the real shocker is Hiri's father's appearance, which looks scary and intimidating, like All Might from My Hero Academia.

Kim and his daughter leave the school, and Minji is furious. She thinks her father did her dirty by apologizing. However, Kim knows that he can't do anything about it because of how the world works. 

Minji goes off on her father, saying, "Why did you have me if you're just going to be a regular small company manager? Maybe someone so incompetent shouldn't have had me." This hits hard, and Minji leaves for Hiri's place, who is known for being a bully and hanging with gang members.

At Hiri's place, Minji and Hiri get into a fight, and a grown man named Minho Song comes in and starts attacking Minji. He is huge and hits her like a critical hit. To make matters worse, Hiri picks up a rock and smacks her in the back of the head.

Minji dies, and everyone starts freaking out. Minho calls on the head of the kk crew instead of calling the cops, and they throw Minji's body into a trunk.

Hiri tells the head of Julian Construction about the incident, who is the main antagonist of the whole manual. The crime boss, Kai, comes in to clean up the mess, and they compress Minji's body to the size of a fist and send it to Japan.

 This is just the beginning of Manager Kim's dark world, where fathers have to make difficult choices and face the consequences of their actions.

In conclusion, Manager Kim is a webtoon that takes fatherhood to a new level of darkness. It shows how fathers have to navigate the world of gangs and politics to protect their families, sometimes making difficult choices that lead to horrific consequences.

It's not for the faint of heart, but if you like dark, gritty stories with a lot of action and drama, then Manager Kim is worth checking out.

Anime Name / Manager Kim


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