Top 10 Romance Anime That showcase Couples Living TOGETHER!


Romance anime has always been a popular genre, and for good reason - there's something irresistible about watching two characters fall in love and navigate the challenges of a relationship. 

But what about anime that takes it one step further, showing couples who not only date, but also live together? If you're interested in exploring this theme, look no further! Here are 10 romance anime that showcase couples living together and all the joys and struggles that come with it.

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A show that takes the concept of living together to a whole new level. Kotarou Satomi moves into an apartment called Corona House, only to find out that he'll be sharing it with a ghost, an alien, a magical girl, and a human. While the characters are built on familiar stereotypes, the comedy and lightheartedness of the show make it an enjoyable watch. 

Although the premise is not entirely original and bears some resemblance to 'Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san,' the addition of an alien character adds a unique twist to the supernatural harem formula.



A romance anime that features a protagonist with a rather peculiar family member. Makoto Niwa is an ordinary high school student who moves in with his aunt after his parents go abroad. However, he soon discovers that his long-lost cousin has an unusual personality - she believes she's an alien from another planet who has come to invade Earth. 

But that's not all - Makoto also encounters several other girls who share similarly bizarre delusions. As they all start living together under one roof, the stage is set for some truly wacky and entertaining hijinks. If you're up for a fun and quirky anime that blends romance, comedy, and sci-fi elements, 'Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl' might just be what you're looking for.



An anime that employs the classic 'childhood promise' trope, this time with a twist. Our protagonist is a guy who suffers from amnesia and has very few memories of his past. One day, two girls show up at his doorstep, both claiming to be his long-lost twin. 

To unravel the mystery and determine who the real twin is, he invites both of them to live with him. The show offers a unique take on the 'who is the real one?' plotline, with elements of mystery, comedy, and a touch of romance. If you enjoy guessing games and plot twists, 'Please Twins!' is definitely worth checking out.



An anime that garnered controversy due to its premise. However, this show offers a surprisingly mature take on its themes, and its characters are written in a way that reflects their age and experiences. The story follows a guy who, after getting rejected by his boss, encounters a high school girl in need of help. 

Despite the potential for uncomfortable situations, the anime handles the sensitive topics it explores with tact and sensitivity. If you're willing to give it a chance, 'Higehiro' might surprise you with its depth and emotional resonance.



A refreshing anime that shows how sometimes, a good drink can solve a lot of family problems. The story revolves around a wife who, despite claiming not to like alcohol, enjoys it immensely and adopts a different personality when she drinks. To her husband's delight, he discovers this side of her and starts preparing her cocktails regularly. 

This anime provides a nice break from the usual high school romance dramas, as the couple here is already married, and the focus is more on the comedy and light-hearted moments between them. While it's not a serious show with complex relationship problems, 'Love is Like a Cocktail' will definitely make you smile and laugh.



It's time to take a break from young couples and high school romance, and focus on an elderly couple in "Komata Jiisan". The show follows an old man's efforts to bring happiness to his old grandma, with some stereotypical jokes thrown in. 

The show doesn't take itself too seriously, but that's what makes it enjoyable to watch. Each episode is only one minute long, so you can easily finish the 13-episode series in just 13 minutes. The comedy is silly, but it's the kind that will still make you laugh. And, of course, since this is a story about a grandpa and a grandma, they are living together.



It delves into themes of family and war with exceptional execution. The story follows a girl named Suzu who gets married to a man she barely knows and must adapt to her new life despite her homesickness. But just as she is settling in, the war breaks out, and she must face the struggles of not only adapting to her husband's household but also dealing with the horrors of war. Unlike other romance anime, this movie puts a lot of emphasis on ordinary family life. 

The first part of the movie is relaxing and wholesome, but once the war breaks out, it becomes a stark reality. The air raid scene is especially chilling and can leave you breathless. Keep a tissue box handy while watching this emotionally charged movie.



This anime follows a familiar trope - an introverted protagonist who doesn't care much about life meets a talented and cute girl who becomes his neighbor and offers to clean his messy apartment. However, despite the recycled premise, the show's execution is what sets it apart. 

The main focus of the anime is to make the viewer feel warm and fuzzy inside, and it does an excellent job of achieving that goal. While watching, you'll likely experience a range of emotions, from happiness to sadness, as you realize that you'll never have someone like her in your life.



Unlike other anime, instead of sending a guy to another world, this anime gives him a girlfriend. Of course, this doesn't mean you should jump into a truck just because you don't have a girlfriend. 

However, if you want to watch a wholesome couple living in a wholesome household, then this anime is perfect for you. It starts off with an accident but evolves into a marriage and then follows the daily lives of an awkward but cute couple inside a small home. The only downside is that there's no season two yet, but news suggests that it's coming soon. So, now's the time to binge-watch the first season and get ready for the next.



a show that skillfully combines elements of a fantasy setting with the story of a merchant and a deity. The anime offers valuable insights into trade, culture, and other themes beyond just romance. 

The wolf girl's unique personality sets her apart from other characters, making her a fan favorite. Watch this show if you want to see the merchant and the wolf girl's relationship develop, and don't forget to read the light novel as well.



These top 10 romance anime provide a refreshing change from the typical high school romance trope, as they showcase couples already living together. From heartwarming tales of grandmas and grandpas to the adventures of wolf-girls and merchants, these anime provide wholesome, feel-good entertainment. 

With elements of comedy, drama, and even some economic lessons thrown in, these anime offer a unique and enjoyable viewing experience. So grab some popcorn, a tissue box, and settle in for some cozy couple time with these anime.


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