Top 10 Anime Where a Powerful Transfer Student Gets Humiliated Then Shocks EVERYONE!


Welcome to our list of the Top 10 Anime Where a Powerful Transfer Student Gets Humiliated Then Shocks EVERYONE! In many anime, the transfer student trope is quite common. It is a device used to introduce a new character into the storyline and can often lead to some exciting and unexpected plot twists. 

In these anime, the transfer students are not only new to their schools but also possess extraordinary abilities that set them apart from their classmates. However, as the story progresses, they face humiliation and discrimination from their peers, only to later reveal their true power and become the hero of the story. These anime are full of action, drama, and epic battles, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Join us as we explore the Top 10 Anime Where a Powerful Transfer Student Gets Humiliated Then Shocks EVERYONE!

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This is a story of a once highly esteemed warrior, who was regarded as the strongest and held in high esteem as the master swordsman in his community. 

However, he experienced a significant downfall when he was accused of treachery and given a choice to either be exiled or teach a group of unconventional individuals how to utilize their abilities and surpass their limitations. Rather than face banishment, he opted to train the group and has since been utilizing his exceptional skills as a leader and warrior to transform them into true fighters.



In the aftermath of an abrupt invasion by a group of creatures known as "the unknown", the government chose to preserve the human race at any cost by putting all children into cryogenic suspension until the threat was eliminated. After several years, the situation had improved significantly, and Japan was leading the fight against the unknown on the front line. Recognizing this as an opportune moment, the children were awakened from their long sleep, but to everyone's amazement, they possessed extraordinary abilities that aided them in their battle against the unknown and thwarted their progress. 

The top six children were appointed as commanders of the three free cities in Japan, leading humanity's counter-attack. However, being children, minor disagreements were inevitable, and they had to unite against the enemy or face annihilation as the pressure mounted.



This 2011 science fiction anime offers a blend of action, drama, romance, harem, edginess, and martial arts. The series, which is made up of 12 episodes, takes place in a distant future where humans are in a state of war with an extraterrestrial species known as the novas. Men, referred to as limiters, and women, known as Pandoras, are provided with extraordinary abilities to fend off the aliens after being implanted with Stigmata. 

The protagonist, Kazuya Eoi, is en route to the West Genetic Military Academy when he inadvertently embraces the powerful Satellizer L. Bridget, mistaking her for his sister. She decides to take him on as her limiter, and their alliance will endure the test of time in various Nova battlegrounds.



It's common for fantasy anime set in a school environment that incorporates some degree of romance to include a harem, and World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman is no exception. However, this supernatural action anime features some romantic elements that enhance the overall viewing experience. The show revolves around a group of children who possess recollections of their past lives and are undergoing training at Akane Academy to combat the supernatural beings called metaphysicals. 

Our protagonist, Moroha Haimura, has been overwhelmingly powerful in several of his past lives. As he encounters girls who knew him from their past lives, his life becomes more complicated than ever.



Have you ever pondered the extent of an anime character's strength? Well, in the case of this individual, he was appointed as a magical teacher at the age of ten, which speaks volumes about his abilities. Enigma is a dominant Mage whose primary Affinity is for lightning and wind, and he possesses a vast array of countless powers. 

In fact, his skill set is so extensive that you could easily doze off before finishing reading about them all on the versus battles wiki. It's much more engaging to watch the incredible and preposterously overpowered nature of his abilities instead of just reading about them.



It's quite ironic that a renowned and popular streamer, who thrives on attracting viewers by playing games, becomes the actual game himself. This is precisely what occurs to Akatsuki Iride after playing the notorious game The Ones Within Genome, as he is transported into the game. Upon his arrival, Iride encounters several other famous game streamers who possess their own unique gaming specialties and styles. 

Unlike the horror movie Saw, which centers on players turning against one another to survive, these gamers must work together to collect 100 million views and endure the challenges they encounter. While the concept of being trapped in a game is similar to Sword Art Online, this series distinguishes itself by having players use their skills and ingenuity to navigate through the murky and ominous pasts of each member.



Although he may appear delicate and frail, this young boy is much more than meets the eye. Housed within his youthful form is the mind of an adult male who perished in a traffic accident in Rio. Consumed with an unwavering desire to avenge his mother, who was murdered before his very eyes, he possesses an unrelenting rage. Despite his harsh and tumultuous life, he remains unafraid to act, even going so far as to rescue the princess of the Kingdom from her captors when no one else would. 

In gratitude for his heroic deeds, the king extends an invitation for him to attend the Royal Bertram Academy, which brings him one step closer to obtaining the power and strength required to achieve his vengeance. Though he is already an exceptionally gifted prodigy, his talents are the envy of his classmates.



The protagonist of this series is Toma, who is enrolled as a student in Academy City, a futuristic city in Japan that is technologically advanced by 30 years and teaches students to control psychic powers and abilities. Despite being a student in this city, Toma has a power level of zero, not because he is weak or lacks potential, but because his unique ability is incompatible with any system that can measure and calculate power levels. 

Toma possesses a skill similar to Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs, which allows him to neutralize the powers and abilities of other users. Aside from this skill, Toma is just a typical teenager in a world where others rely on their magic to gain an edge in battle. However, his nullification ability makes him particularly powerful against magic users.



The main character of this anime embodies the concept of being overpowered. Despite attempts to defeat him, he seems unkillable, and even if he kills you, he might spare you. His name is Anos Voldigoad, and he is the Demon King. 

He has been reincarnated after a lengthy two thousand years and is currently attending The Demon King Academy. If you're a fan of power fantasies, this anime is sure to impress.



The Irregular Magic High School is a popular isekai anime among fans of the genre, and it's animated by Studio Madhouse. If you enjoy magical anime, then this one is sure to please. The story focuses on action, supernatural elements, and romance. The anime is set in a world where magic is taught as a technical skill, and the students in the Academy are divided by their grades. 

The elite students with high scores are called "blooms," while those with lower scores are referred to as "weeds." The main characters of the story are siblings named Miyuki and Tatsuya. Miyuki is a bloom, while Tatsuya is a weed. Despite his lower status, Tatsuya possesses exceptional magical aptitude, unique abilities, and impressive physical combat skills, making him an irregular among the students.



In conclusion, the anime world is full of stories about transfer students who come to new schools and shake things up with their incredible powers. However, in the anime on this list, these powerful students face humiliating setbacks and challenges that seem to derail their ambitions. But as we've seen, these setbacks are only temporary as these students bounce back with even greater power and determination, surprising everyone in the process. 

From action-packed battles to heartwarming moments of self-discovery, these anime offer a thrilling and satisfying ride for fans of the genre. So if you're looking for a new anime to watch, be sure to check out the Top 10 Where a Powerful Transfer Student Gets Humiliated Then Shocks EVERYONE!


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