Legendary Entrance of a Badass Old Anime Characters

Anime is a medium that appeals to the youth and it is a great way to get a glimpse into the world of idealism. However, it is not just limited to the young generation. It has a significant number of characters who are old and grizzled, yet they have an equal share of epic fights and entrances. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the favorite moments in anime where the old timers showed that they still have it with an epic entrances.

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Hunter x Hunter is full of memorable moments, but the entrance of Netero and Zeno is one of the most iconic ones. Netero is one of the favorite mental characters and his entrance in the anime was perfect. As the Chairman of the Hunters Association, anything less would have been a crime.

The sheer awesomeness of the Dragon dive only served as a preview for other memorable fights later in the arc. Netero stole the show with one of the most epic battles in the series and it was a goosebump-inducing moment.



When talking about Jirocho in Gintama, most fans would remember the moment in episode 211 when he gave Gintoki a lesson in pain. Almost 150 episodes later, Jirocho made his grand return and it was a scene that got fans wild. Seeing Jirocho arrive with his gang to even the odds was something that fans expected but it didn't make the moment any less awesome. 

After a heated fight, it felt great to see Gintoki and Jirocho team up. The succeeding flashback also gave fans much-needed background information about Jirocho's past with Otose.



Battle butlers are quite the fun trope in anime and Hellsing Ultimate's Walter is no exception. Although Hellsing Ultimate is often thought of as the Alucard show, Walter is just as crazy and badass as the protagonist. 

In this scene, Walter gives his guests a warm welcome complete with razor wires and a very intimidating presence. Despite their struggles, the enemies stand no chance against Walter. Although it's not as awe-inspiring as Alucard's feats and transformations, it's still a pretty good entrance and fight.



Jiraiya is known for many cool moments in Naruto, but one moment that often gets overlooked is the time he saved Naruto and Sasuke from Itachi and Kisame. Jiraiya appeared just when the two protagonists were in trouble and his arrival was a much-needed dose of lightheartedness and relief. 

Jiraiya forced the villains to escape without using his demon beasts and the like. Although there is still debate about whether Jiraiya could take both of them on, it's much less important than appreciating the moment and remembering Jiraiya for a cool entrance and save.



Sengoku Basara is a series that is filled with larger than life characters and Toyotomi Hideyoshi is no exception. He is one of the major characters in the series and is known for his exceptional fighting skills and charismatic personality. In the series, Hideyoshi appears on top of a hill, bravely facing a literal horde of archers who are looking to give him a swift end. We all expect him to pull something cool to overcome the odds, but what he does is nothing short of impressive. 

He steps forward, draws no weapon, and simply waves his hands, creating a shockwave that is strong enough to repel the rain of arrows and send everything back. This entrance is nothing short of impressive and he caps it off by literally opening the heavens that shine a spotlight on him, giving off major last boss vibes. This is the ultimate entrance, the most impressive among the major characters in this show. Fighting and dominating the battlefield without a single weapon is hardcore and this scene perfectly showcases Hideyoshi's badassery.



For so long, fans of Bleach have been waiting for the day when Yamamoto finally unleashes his full strength and shows us why he's the strongest of the Gotei and the Captain Commander. The time finally came and Yamamoto arrived in front of his opponent in a blazing inferno. 

This entrance gave fans all over the world something to cheer for and his arrival, coming off of utterly annihilating some Quincy slobs, shines a ray of hope for the Shinigami who've been dropping like flies beforehand. The atmosphere of this entrance has been perfectly captured by the anime team and it's followed by what many consider to be the best episode of the Thousand-Year Blood War. This is a total showcase of power that gives credence to Yamamoto's title as the strongest.



King Bradley is one of the most memorable villains in the FullMetal Alchemist universe and he has a pretty cool entrance and fight. We've all seen Madara showcase the power scaling of his own series with an impressive feat of soloing an army, but King Bradley did it first. Imagine a guy going solo and just rushing everything down, leaving behind a trail of destruction. It's the stuff of nightmares if you're one of the poor soldiers caught in the crosshairs. 

King Bradley approaches his enemies with an uncanny and almost unnerving sense of calm, showing complete control over the situation when the result was never in doubt. The most stunning part of this was that, once you settle down and look back at it, King Bradley wasn't in his prime. He had aged through the years and was approaching senior years at this point. This moment firmly established King Bradley as an immense threat who still mowed down enemies like nothing, even way past his prime.



Rayleigh's entrance into the fight against Kizaru in One Piece is nothing short of impressive. With the Straw Hat Pirates seemingly cornered by the admiral, it appeared as though all hope was lost. However, just when it seemed like the heroes were about to meet their demise, Rayleigh made his entrance. The old man kicked Kizaru's attack away, taking over the battle and showing that he still had some fight left in him. 

This moment was particularly memorable for the audience, as Rayleigh was an aged character and many would not have expected him to be able to keep up with someone as powerful as Kizaru. Yet, he was able to do just that, showing that age is just a number and that his skills were not rusty at all. This entrance not only solidified Rayleigh's reputation as a formidable opponent, but it also showed that the Straw Hat Pirates had some unexpected allies on their side. The scene was a total showcase of power, leaving fans eager to see more of Rayleigh and what other tricks he had up his sleeve.


In conclusion, these epic entrances in anime are timeless and will always be remembered. Whether it's Netero's entrance in Hunter x Hunter, Jirocho's return in Gintama, Walter's badass butler action in Hellsing Ultimate, or Jiraiya's saving grace in Naruto, these moments are a testament to the power and appeal of anime.


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