10 Anime Characters Who Gave Into Darkness [PART1]


Characters in anime have always been well-liked by viewers because of their unique personalities and stories. When characters fall to darkness, whether it be out of fear, desperation, or just because they have no other option, it's one of the most interesting things in anime. Characters who give in to darkness frequently end up in challenging situations with no way out, and their stories may be both fascinating and devastating. This is going to be the first part of an article where we look at some of the most well-known anime characters who surrendered to darkness. If you guys are interested in the second part, let me know!

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A favorite character from the popular anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! is Jaden Yuki. In the face of danger, he is renowned for his bravery and courage. In the most recent season of the show, Jaden teams up with the mysterious Dark Signers to prevent the end of the world. This brave action has made him a hero in the eyes of many people all around the world. 

Join Jaden in his mission to save the world as he faces off against formidable adversaries and uses his extraordinary dueling abilities to win. Yu-Gi-Oh! is guaranteed to be an amazing experience for all anime fans because to its compelling characters, nail-biting plot twists, and powerful action scenes.



One of the most recognizable figures in the well-known anime series Naruto is Uchiha Sasuke. Although he is a skilled ninja and a significant member of Konoha Village, his main objective is to exact revenge on those who destroyed his clan. He therefore teams up with the dark forces to accomplish his goal. 

Fans of the series have found watching him evolve from being a strong and powerful ninja to being even stronger and more powerful when he joins the dark side to be an exciting and fascinating path for retribution.



Majin Vegeta, a longtime friend and foe of Goku, made a momentous choice to turn to the dark side in the classic anime series Dragon Ball Z. This unexpected turn of events surprised viewers all across the world and created a plethora of new story possibilities for the show. 

Majin Vegeta's desire to surpass Goku in strength motivated him to choose the dark side because he reasoned that only then could he genuinely defend those who were important to him. In order to ascertain who will prevail, his descent down this dark path has brought him into some highly charged encounters with Goku.



Ryuko Matoi has been brainwashed by the evil forces and is now on a mission to join the dark side in the anime series Kill la Kill. She went from being a fierce and determined heroine to a cunning villain, shocking the audience.

One of the most surprising plot turns in Kill la Kill is Ryuko Matoi's metamorphosis from a hero to an antagonist. It demonstrates just how effective brainwashing can be and how thoroughly it may alter a person's personality and ideas. Additionally, it warns viewers of the risks of manipulation and how simple it is to dominate someone without their realizing it.



A character from the well-known anime series Fairy Tail is named Jellal Fernandes. He was previously a member of the Light Guild, but when he was taken over by Zeref, a powerful and old evil wizard, his life was permanently altered. Jellal eventually became a vital member of the Dark Guild's inner circle as a result of joining the organization. 

Fans will learn more about Jellal's reasons for joining the Dark Guild and how his relationship with Zeref will change as his story develops. It is obvious that Jellal's adventure in Fairy Tail will be full of surprises with so many intriguing plot points to investigate!



Tsukasa Shishio joins the evil side in the well-known anime series Dr. Stone in an effort to create a better world. He is convinced that he can usher in a new era of peace and wealth for mankind with his amazing abilities. Tsukasa must make difficult choices throughout the entire series and his hopes for a better future. 

Tsukasa must decide with each issue whether he should adopt a more violent stance and find a different means to accomplish his aims, or whether they are worth taking a more moderate stance and losing everything for. As the plot develops, viewers can observe how Tsukasa's choices effect not only him but also people around him and possibly the entire human race.



A popular anime series called Code Geass features a character named Lelouch vi Britannia. The youthful prince of the Britannian Empire joins the dark side in an effort to bring his people peace. He became a recognizable personality in the world of anime because to this brave choice.

Lelouch's journey is one of bravery and tenacity as he takes on a seemingly impossible goal and succeeds in spite of all the odds. One of the most adored characters in anime history, his journey from a prince to a revolutionary leader has captivated many fans. With his eagerness to sacrifice anything for peace.



The main character of the well-known anime series Overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown, wakes up in a new world after dying. He now belongs to an organization known as the Dark Warriors, whose mission it is to defend their new world from evil forces. Ainz must confront the difficulties that come with his new existence as he learns how to adapt to it. 

Ainz learns as he sets out on this adventure that he must make difficult choices in order to protect his newfound home and the people he cares about. He gains new insights on himself and what it means to be a warrior as he travels. Join Ainz as he makes his way through a shadowy and mysterious world in search of explanations and a goal!



Character Tomura Shigaraki appears in the well-known anime series My Hero Academia. He is the head of the League of Villains and a powerful villain whose mission is to destabilize civilization and establish a new world system.

Tomura's story starts when he was a small boy when All For One killed his family, leaving him all by himself in the world. He was inspired by this tragedy to turn to the dark side and exact vengeance on those who had mistreated him. Through the use of his Quirk, Decay, he went up to become one of My Hero Academia's most dangerous antagonists, causing havoc wherever he went. 

Tomura's story is a crucial component of My Hero Academia's plot because it shows how tragedy may push a person into darkness. It also demonstrates how even people with great authority can act out of passion rather than logic, teaching us that no matter what obstacles we encounter, we should always aim for forgiveness and understanding rather than retribution and anger.



Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan is one of the most beloved characters in the anime world. He is a young man who joins the Survey Corps in order to protect humanity from the Titans, giant humanoids that threaten to destroy humanity. 

In the recent season of Attack on Titan, Eren makes a shocking decision for peace and revenge. This move has caused much debate among fans, as some believe it's a betrayal of his ideals while others argue that it's necessary for his ultimate goal of protecting humanity.



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