WHAT IF Sasuke Won in Naruto Shippuden!




Naruto Shippuden came to an end giving us the fight we had all been waiting for, the sasuke vs naruto that never gets old. But despite the bout ending the way it did and the series making that transition to boruto, you can't help but think what would've happened if the results were different. 

Since Naruto is a fan favorite, I'm pretty sure everyone's come up with stuff of their own regarding that. Well, I'll be joining the fray today since I've got some interesting answers to the question, 'WHAT IF Sasuke Won in Naruto Shippuden'. With that being said, let's dive right in!


Right after winning, Sasuke would rush to the leaf village, going on a killing spree. I mean this time around, there's no ‘naruto’ standing in his way. That would only add fuel to the fire and make him consider becoming the new hokage, a dark monarch that would carry out a revolution, one aimed to wipe out any other village in existence since he's expressed his thought of uniting the shinobi world into one. 

And who's going to stand on top of that? Him, of course. I don't know about you but I for sure see a new but walmart bought Madara right here.


Now there's quite a lot Sasuke can do when the Bijuu are in the picture. Right after winning, the tailed beasts would just break free and get the better of him because of his condition. This would make the whole entire world trapped in this infinite tsukuyomi ultimately transforming into white zetsu sooner or later. 

Or he could kill the tailed beasts cause of plot armor and undo the infinite tsukuyomi, later teaming up with his old boyfriend Orochimaru to carry out his bad boy persona to infinity and beyond. Or he could use the tailed beasts, their power coming quite handy to him from time to time. 

Sure, Toneri could crash the moon onto the Earth but do you really think Sasuke's got no counterplay with the beasts by his side?


Another conclusion is that Sasuke would just slaughter the Gokage, soon losing his life to the hands of Shikis coming to the Earth. This changes the whole system with the hokage and the gokages being worlds apart from what we know right now. 

But despite all that, sasuke having so much power would only make him the boss, someone you can't help but obey since you don't stand a chance in front of him. Him aiming to become immortal was always there whether it's via the Jashinism or the tailed beasts. 

But the possibility of a new Ashura reincarnation is there and when that happens, the utopia of Sasuke won't be able to hold its ground for long.


Another thing we have to consider is how whatever Sasuke’s done so far has been fueled by his hatred and thirst for revenge and vengeance. But despite all that, he’s got Naruto always trying to fight back. 

Remember how Armin from Attack on Titan said that Eren’s doing all this, not backing down or budging an inch because he wants someone to stop him? That’s Naruto’s role right here in the story and with him gone, Sasuke would realize just how big of a mistake he’s made. 

There are quite a lot of possibilities as to what would happen afterwards, some of them being rather obvious and clear. But let’s have our minds run wild this time around.


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