WHAT IF Blackbeard solves The One Piece First!




One Piece has come a long way and with the Wano arc becoming the best one so far, you can't help but have all these questions pop up in your heads. Plus, with Blackbeard cementing himself as the ultimate baddie and with most of his crew being shrouded in shadows still, it's natural to portray him as the antagonist of the series at this point. 

With that being said, you can't help but imagine what would happen if Oda brings the ultimate plot twist to life, right? Blackbeard getting to Raftel for the One Piece would be the biggest upset ever but even if that happens, let's see what this bloated obese pirate would do afterwards. Everyone's got his/her own set of theories as to how and what would happen and I'm here to share my thoughts so let's dive right in!

An entirely different aftermath :


Every One-Piece fan has visioned Luffy becoming the one getting to Raftel first. There's no doubt about that. But even if the world comes to become one where blackbeard is the one winning then we'll have a completely different way of ending things. Oda could make the straw hat pirates square off against the blackbeard's crew to take back what's rightfully theirs. 

This would make the anime bring up another battle, a war perhaps that's bigger than the one we witnessed during the Marineford arc. 

I mean that sounds sweet and delicious but don't turn a blind eye to how much Marshal D. Teach would be getting from the One Piece. None of us know what exactly that treasure is and how it'd affect the one getting it. Some good bouts are certain but Luffy's victory? Not so much!

The battle happens anyways :

Let's view the above scenario from a different perspective. The strawhats get to Raftel and Luffy having come to the promised land finally, becomes the happiest pirate alive. It's a total treat witnessing our protagonist finally becoming the pirate king. 

But the blackbeard pirates have chased them the entire time and right in the face of victory and glory, they do what they do best! 

This would make Raftel the deathbed for a lot of pirates that day and the ensuing battle would bring forth the conclusion that we have been waiting for quite some time now. To me personally, this seems like the ‘more probable end’ since knowing Oda and the blackbeard pirates in addition to the arcs that have went down, this is how it goes when you've got One Piece in the conversation.

Teach becomes the pirate king :

Even when blackbeard isn't a perfect fit for the word in the phrase, let's assume that it ends up happening. Blackbeard gets his hands on the one piece. But for getting there, he'll have to cheat his way through if that makes sense. Sure, that's how the fat pirate has gotten everything to this day but this time around, the hurdles are a little too big and a little too many in number. 

No one to read the Poneglyphs plus the whereabouts of the last red one being unknown. Plus, as Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard said at Marineford, 'You're not who Roger's been waiting for, Teach!' But despite all that he becomes the 'fake' pirate king, he'd either kill his crew to become the only man ruling the seas. 

Or, as he can harness a couple of devil fruit powers at once, killing Luffy and getting his fruit wouldn't sound like a bad idea either. Or he could consider toning it down a bit and letting him and his crew become the kings that the whole pirate world bows to, the ultimate ruler of the sea.


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