Top 10 Disgusting Anime That You Cannot FINISH!


Looking for Most Disgusting/Nasty Anime that you probably cannot watch or Finish!! check the article below you will find a total of 10 anime about that.

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-RELEASED : (2017)



The protagonist of King's Game, Nobuaki Kanazawa, moves away from his Tamaoka Prefectural High School home and school following a horrific event in his former class. However, just one day after classes began, his new class also received a text message from a person going by the name of "King," who gave the kids directives. Something negative will occur to that person if these are not done...

Contrary to popular assumption, the anime adaptation of "King's Game" is mostly based on the sequel to the manga "Ousama Game" called Ousama Game Extreme.


-RELEASED : (1998)



Describes the life of pop star Mima Kirigoe, a member of the musical band CHAM! heard. Although the group may have a dedicated fan base, Mima's management advises Mima to choose a different career route, acting, given the transient nature of entertainment trends. To the dismay of her admirers, Mima announced her departure during the last concert while crying. Mima receives a letter with explosive information and is subsequently called a traitor by fax. She only manages to avoid both of these situations by sheer luck.

Even though she changed careers, Mima's life is not going well, and it doesn't look like it will get any better: she has just gotten her own computer when she hits the Mima's Room website and learns that someone is fully aware of her private life. It got harder for Mima to tell the difference between truth and illusion once she had to play the part of a rape victim and afterwards saw herself dressed like her favourite band.


-RELEASED : (2010)



A bizarre wave of abrupt fatalities, all of which appear to be natural, has hit the little, isolated community of Sotoba. A young guy named Yuuki Natsuno, who recently returned to these locations, observes the population of 1300 souls being annihilated a bit more each day. 

Then, he will attempt to unravel this puzzling mystery, but since he is so grounded, he does not realize that the valley is actually being devoured by a greater, more otherworldly evil. When all of their loved ones are involved—alive or dead—he and the other residents will have to deal with a plague that is worse than anything they could have imagined.

[7] GANTZ : 

-RELEASED : (2004)



Kei Kurono is a disobedient student who is not particularly aware of his surroundings. He observes an intoxicated beggar falling on the tracks while riding the subway but does nothing to save him. Instead, Kei's boyhood buddy Masaru Kato takes the initiative. After being apart for a while, Kato recognizes Kei, and Kei is forced to go assist him.

When they succeed in saving the beggar, they notice an approaching train without realizing it is an express, and as a result, they are run over. A short while later, the two are in a chamber with a black sphere they recognize as Gantz. He tells them that "their lives are controlled by him and they have to kill alien beings in order to continue existing."

[6] BLOOD-C : 

-RELEASED : (2011)



Saya Kisaragi is a typical girl who is endearing and a little awkward. She learns "the skill of the sword" from her father, the head of a shrine, from whom she resides. 

But she will soon be subjected to a test that will try her goodness. Saya has resolved to never give up, no matter where her path leads her or the cost.


-RELEASED : (2020)



Some students wind up stranded on an island when their plane crashes. They entrust Mutsumi Oribe, whose prior outdoor living experience now puts them in good stead, with organizing the few days till the awaited rescue. It soon becomes apparent, though, that this island is not at all as uninhabited as it first seemed. To make matters worse, terrifying killer insects that don't even target people also start to appear. Although Mutsumi has a thorough understanding of these creatures and can therefore guide the group through any risks, the group's chance of survival in this circumstance appears to be dubious.

Because the student body is becoming less cohesive and more divided into individuals who just seem to care about their own well-being.


-RELEASED : (2010)



Okinawa has a smell, and Tadashi and his girlfriend Kaori quickly figure out that the source of this smell is dead fish emerging from the sea. The fish are afflicted with a disease that the Japanese government plans to employ against them and bonded to mechanical legs that allow them to walk. 

Kaori learns the truth about the artificial fish on the way to her friend, and it is much worse than she could have ever imagined.

[3] PUPA : 

-RELEASED : (2014)



The only people Utsutsu Hasegawa and his younger sister Yume have are one another. Yume unexpectedly transforms into a beast that consumes humans after one day of seeing odd red butterflies. 

Now, Utsutsu is looking for a solution to undo this transformation.


-RELEASED : (2013)



One evening, a group of students congregate in their classroom to bid Mayu, who is transferring to a different school, farewell. By candlelight, Ayumi tells spooky ghost stories. One of them talks about the supposedly cursed Heavenly Host Elementary School, the scene of multiple horrific killings. The Kusaragi Academy, a youth school, was eventually established on the ruins of the school after it was shuttered and destroyed.

The young people engage in the "Sachiko Ever After" ceremony, in which friends tear up a paper figure and save the individual parts as a keepsake, at the conclusion of their gathering.

Before the kids can react, there is an earthquake, and they find themselves in a sort of alternate reality where the cursed elementary school is still standing. And to make matters worse, the ghosts of their victims are still prowling the empty halls, seeking retribution!

Only by solving the mystery behind the grisly death of the four elementary school pupils and allowing the killer to confess to his crime will they be able to escape this torment once more.

[1] MIDORI : 

-RELEASED : (1992)



Twelve-year-old Midori works as a flower vendor in Tokyo in the late 1920s. She joins a touring sleazy group that puts on a vintage freak show to delight audiences after losing her mother and finding herself abandoned and penniless. 

She now ekes out a dismal existence marked by beatings, rapes, and slave labor among obscure cripples and weird fetishists. The only time things appear to get better for Midori is when the tiny magician Masamitsu joins the group. 


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