Top 10 Romance Anime Where Popular Girl Falls For UNPOPULAR BOY!




Looking for Romance Anime Where Popular girl falls with Unpopular Boy!! check the article below you will find a total of 10 anime about that.

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-RELEASED : (2016)



He has no idea what he wants to do with his future. Buntarou doesn't have a lofty goal in mind. He merely hangs out with his mates right now. Sayuki, a classmate of his, asks him whether he would be willing to assist her in creating a girl game one day. She told him that one of his plays meant for the theater club had caught her attention. 

Buntarou is unaware of Gal Games, but Sayuki is committed to making this game a hit. Will the game be as popular as Sayuki anticipates? This is the tale of young people taking a risk and stepping into the unknown.

[9] NYAN KOI : 

-RELEASED : (2009)



High school student Junpei Kousaka is allergic to cats and despises them. He has a crush on Kaede Mizuno, who has a passionate love for cats, as fate would have it. One day, the youngster accidentally kicks an empty can, which causes Neko-Jiz-sama, the cat's protector deity, to be struck and beheaded. From this moment on, Kousaka is cursed since he can communicate with cats, even his own melancholy cat Nyamsas, who speaks cat language. This indicates to him that in order to be released from the curse, he must grant 100 cat wishes.

Failure would result in him becoming a cat himself, which would be a significant issue given his allergies. Additionally, if the curse is discovered, Kousaka's accomplice will also be transformed into a cat in addition to him.


-RELEASED : (2021)



The top player in the Japanese online game "Attack Families" is Fumiya Tomozaki. He claims that this game is perfectly balanced because every effort is rewarded with a commensurate success. In contrast, one of the worst games there is is actual life. It is uneven, nothing truly makes sense, and there are no clear guidelines for success.

His viewpoint starts to shift when he learns that the tenacious and nearly flawless girl Aoi Hinami, who is ranked second among the top "Attack Families," views real life as a "game" that can be won. She offers to assist Fumiya a little and impart to him the lesson that as long as you know how to play, life isn't always unpleasant.


-RELEASED : (2022)



Asahi Kashiwagi, a high school student, doesn't actually believe in fortune reading. However, he starts to get suspicious when he has a series of odd encounters one morning that match what the television fortune teller had predicted only moments earlier. Amelia Irving, Ilya Ilyukhin, and Karin Istel are three exchange students from different nations that he meets. 

They are from Germany, America, and Bulgaria, respectively. The Chinese Bai Mongfa, his new teacher, is also introduced to him. Asahi knows more about her than he should because of the TV show, so he is not surprised when his life takes an unexpected turn once he reunites with all the new students at his school.


-RELEASED : (2010)



Christmas Eve two years ago: Jun'ichi Tachibana travels to their rendezvous and even shows up early. But the female ends up standing him up, which is a huge letdown for him. Due to this setback, Jun'ichi spent a lot of time hiding out in his closet, where he created his own miniature cosmos. Even though Jun'ichi is a sophomore in high school, the incident still hurts him.

It doesn't exactly help him deal with his issue since he is suddenly surrounded by a lot of attractive females, especially Haruka Morishima, a Class 3-A student and a real man's dream. However, there is a ray of hope when the mystical Haruka speaks to him one day out of the blue and even finds him to be wonderfully sweet. If Haruka isn't being serious, will Jun'ichi still learn what true love is?


-RELEASED : (2015)



Suddenly, a number of girls profess their love for Jiang Haoyi, making him the envy of all the lads in his school and the target of harassment. Even worse, he is unfamiliar with all of these girls.

Haoyi jumps off the school roof to escape his nightmare but is saved by a girl who then queries him about eating Cupid's sweets.


-RELEASED : (2022)



Izumi is definitely one of those persons who seem to draw ill fortune. He's been known to have bandages and bruises on his body since he was a little child due to accidents like running into something or having a flower pot fall on his head. When they're making major plans, his students and even his friends would rather avoid him because things always go wrong when he's there!

But in the meantime, things have altered somewhat all around, particularly in terms of Izumi's proximity to his pals. He has been dating Shikimori for nearly a year, and she is the cause of this. She either saves Izumi from the most awkward situations time and time again or, in the manner of a superheroine, even stops such situations from happening in the first place. She is either wonderfully cute or just plain cool.

But aside from Izumi, there are further aspects of shikimori that few people are aware of.


-RELEASED : (2009)



Since high school, Touya Fuji and Yuki Morikawa have been dating. Yuki's ambition of becoming an idol is gradually coming true as she studies today. The time they spend together is dwindling as a result of their duties relating to their careers and Touya's temporary jobs, and Touya in particular starts to feel the effects of the separation. 

At the same time, more and more other women start to show up in his life, whether they be old friends like Haruka and Misaki, who are classmates of his, or Yuki's new girlfriend, singer Rina Ogata. Touya is currently split between his love for Yuki and the opportunities that present themselves in his growing loneliness.


-RELEASED : (2013)



To live in her father's hometown of Hiroshima, Yuzuki Eba moved from Tokyo. She resides with Haruto Kirishima, the father of whom she has known for a long time. 

Though he is already in love with his classmate Nanami Kanzaki, Haruto isn't too keen on the concept and doesn't want anybody to think they are a couple. It becomes a problem, though, when Yuzuki starts to feel things for Haruto and isn't hesitant to express them.


-RELEASED : (2018)



Following in his father's footsteps, high school student Mitsuyoshi Tada wants to become a photographer. When he met Larsenburg resident Teresa Wagner, he was photographing cherry trees in full bloom. Mitsuyoshi brings her to her grandfather's cafe because she's lost her friends. But he breaks off this unusual meeting, so Teresa switches schools and enrolls in Mitsuyoshi's as a corresponding pupil. 

Teresa joins Mitsuyoshi's photography group along with another student from Larsenburg named Alexandra Magritte, and the two start spending a lot of time together. However, Mitsuyoshi quickly discovers that Teresa is no average student with a pen pal.


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