New Anime ADAPTATION SO GET READY!! [Berserk of Gluttony]






- An anime adaptation of ISHIKI Ichika's book Berserk of Gluttony (Boushoku no Berserk) will be released!


Graphite Fate has never experienced true power. Being born with the magical ability Gluttony, he has an unquenchable appetite and has experienced rejection and contempt his whole existence.

He comes to understand the real power of gluttony one day while serving as a guardian for a noble family and fending off an intruding thief. When he kills someone, he devours their skills and satisfies his insatiable desire. Fate comes to see her true potential in this grisly revelation.

Is the world prepared for the terrifying warrior he will grow to be? How many lives will he consume to sate this hunger ?

Mahô Editions is now distributing the manga following the April 2021 release of the Light Novel. We follow Fate Graphite's day-to-day activities as he battles the strong who mistreat the weak. Fate Graphite is a young and feeble youngster. A journey that will force him to defy fate. A battle that might result in his defeat because of the dual nature of his strength. 

Thus, we have a tortured hero who seeks to defend while also causing harm. This series is comparable to Sword Art Online, Danmachi, and Goblin Slayer...


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