Top 5 Anime Where The MC was Betrayed but Returns More Powerful



Looking for anime where the main character got betrayed but Returns More Powerful ? check the article below ...


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is set during a dark time for humanity, condemned to live underground in reclusive and isolated villages. We follow the journey of Simon & Kamina, two inhabitants of Jehaa village, one of the many underground shelters. Their fate is set to change when Simon discovers a strange key during a search and a mysterious "mechanical monster" appears in the village. Is there still life on the surface? Where do these mechanical monsters come from? What happens to other humans?


According to the legend, the Tower of God would hold within it all that each one wishes.
For Bam, a young boy born in darkness, Rachel is absolutely everything.
One day, the latter decides to abandon it to conquer the 134 floors of the tower, in the hope of being able to see the stars.
For the young man, there is no question of letting her go alone. As soon as he understood the situation, he already set off in pursuit, ignoring the many dangers to which a fragile boy like him exposes himself.
To find the most precious person in his eyes, Bam will put his life on the line during the ascent of the Tower by facing multiple trials, each more complex and risky than the next.


Yotsuya Yusuke, a perfectly ordinary high school student, suddenly finds himself transported to another world with his classmates Iu Shindou and Kusue Hakozaki.
Quickly, the small group meets the Game Master, a strange character who gives them a quest to complete.
To help them survive and complete their mission, the latter grants Iu and Kusue magician and warrior powers, while Yotsuya becomes just a simple farmer!
In order to protect the world from the various monsters and demons they encounter, our 3 high school students have no choice but to complete the quests imposed on them!


In a medieval world, the Yoma, a kind of demon, represent the top of the food chain, indeed they are human-devouring monsters. It is to counter this threat that the men call on the Claymores, true hunters of Yoma, for a fee of course. Half-human, half-Yoma, and above all exclusively female, the Claymore are the only effective defense against the Yoma.
It is in this universe that Raki meets Clare, a swordsman Claymore as tall as she is. A young boy whose parents were killed by a Yoma, Raki wishes to fight the Yoma. After many adventures, Raki gets Clare to accompany him on his journey...


A lone warrior, calling himself the "Dark Knight", lives in a ruthless world where the weak don't live very long. As a child, when he was still called Guts, he only knew violence, hatred and weapons...


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