Top 5 Anime Where The MC Transported to Another World!



Looking for anime where the main character Transferred to another world? Here are 5 Anime Where The MC is Transported to another world.


Yakutani Kanji, an illustrious pharmacology researcher, dies suddenly at the age of 31 from a myocardial infarction, notably caused by too much stress at his job.
The man finally finds himself reincarnated in another world, in the body of Falma de Medici, a young nobleman only 10 years old, having been struck by lightning.
Very quickly, he notices that he has retained all the knowledge from his former life, and that his body bears the mark of the "God of Medicine", a mark that grants him many exceptional powers.
However, he also discovers that the society in which he finds himself is plagued by dubious and dangerous medicine, which does not hesitate to offer abusive prices and to reserve the right drugs only for the high spheres.
Thus, the empress of the country, saved by the talents of Falma, offers him to open a pharmacy in the capital in order to make effective drugs available to all.
Falma begins her new life, ready to use all her knowledge to ensure a bright future in this new world!


During a bloody war between demons and humans, the hero defeated the Demon King.
Due to his defeat, the latter had to flee alongside his best commander, opening a door leading to the human world.
Once through the door, the two demons discover the imposing city of Tokyo!
From now on, the Demon King calls himself Sadao Maou, and he works in a fast food restaurant in order to earn a living so that he can survive in this world.
However, a young girl named Emi Yusa, being none other than the hero who defeated him in the other world, appears before him...


After mercilessly assaulting the city of Re-Estize, the Guardians of the Tomb of Nazarick return to their lord. Now is the time for them to begin their total domination of the world.
As Ainz Ooal Gown continues to grow in power, the Blood Emperor of a neighboring Kingdom keeps tabs on the threat Nazarick poses. Who can stand in the way of Ainz Ooal Gown, and dare to challenge his supreme authority?


Kongming, Chinese General and great strategist of the Three Kingdoms, dedicated his life to the great battles that made him the accomplished and respected soldier he was during his lifetime.
On the day of his death, the illustrious warrior wished to be reincarnated in a peaceful world and his wish was granted.
Thus, here it is now in modern Japan, in the heart of Tokyo!
Will he be able to get used to the frenzied way of life of Tokyoites?


Having now graduated from Naoetsu High School, Koyomi has shed the label of high school student, and anxiously awaits the results of the college entrance exams. Caught between two waters, and devoid of any qualifier, he becomes nostalgic... when he notices that his reflection is no longer in phase with him. Back to his senses, he finds himself in a familiar place... where everything is upside down! But is everything really so simple?


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