Top 10 Most Face Reveals in Anime World

In the anime world, We witnessed the most shocking face reveals !! check the article below you will find a total of 10 Characters that their faces were revealed

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In the most recent Season 5 episode of My Hero Academia, Kurogiri's true face was shown for the first time. This villain's foggy visage hides a dark sorrow, as was shown in the most recent episode of the show.
His face pierced the purple haze of Kurogiri's fancies, revealing that Shirakumo's body was actually the base for the creature that became Kurogiri.


After the encounter with Kaido, some unspecified circumstances occurred that caused Killer to eat a SMILE and adopt the pseudonym of Kamazo the Manslayer, a street killer in Wano Country who is actually an assassin serving for the shogun Kurozumi Orochi.
Kid claimed that Killer allegedly thrashed everyone who made fun of his own laugh since he detested it so much. He ultimately stopped laughing altogether and began to cover his face with a mask.


Black Clover's William Vangeance isn't a terrible guy because he was just trying to be there for his pal.
Julius sees William Vangeance's face. Vangeance believed that Patri's spirit inside of him was the only person he could refer to as a friend because he had always been alone and outcast. He felt for him and thought that they were really the same spirits in the same body.
If Vangeance is seen wearing this mask, it is likely due to a scar that spans the top of his face. A lot of people would be perplexed by his appearance if he weren't disguised... However, his striking similarity to Licht is really unsettling. similar voice same size. identical facial characteristics.


Tengen Uzui persuaded Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke to carry out his instructions and access a few homes in Yoshibawa's red-light area in Episode 9. Inosuke's attractive feminine features appear to have gone well with the group's requirement that they dress like girls. Inosuke typically wears a boar mask to broadcast, which hides his effeminate face almost entirely.


He resembles Pride's power exactly: a shadow with homunculus-like eyes and teeth. His Ouroboros tattoo's location is unknown at this time. However, he refers to "selim Bradley" in chapter 86 as just a "appearance"... So Pride has never revealed its true self? He would be able to "absorb" other homunculi's abilities. He does this by grabbing his stone, which gives him the ability to smell things, but makes him hungry all the time. He casts even more ominous shadows.


While he was infiltrating for a high-risk mission, his disciple betrayed him, assumed his identity, and handed him over to the authorities as retaliation after ripping the skin off his own face to make a mask. He was soon to regret his disrespectful and dismissive behavior toward his pupil, in whom he saw only a simple tool to be polished.


From the same village as Chrome and Kohaku comes a young lady named Suika. She constantly covers her face with a watermelon mask because she is too ashamed to be seen. She is very willing to serve others despite her shyness and nervousness. she can simply sneak around the village and gather information thanks to her discretion.


Because Utsuro is truly Shouyou, this is the case. Utsuro has been around for more than 500 years. Tendoushuu is meant to protect a strong source of energy, but it was also utilized to create planets like Earth. Utsuro betrayed the Tendoushuu, vanished one day, and had a total personality change. He met Gintoki there, where he also established his school. He was decapitated by Gintoki, however, and his body was burned after being kidnapped and subjected to body analysis because of his connection to the ryƻmyaku energy source. However, he emerged from the flames with a personality that was unlike anything he had ever had before. Only Utsuro's authentic face was seen.


As a result, considering their masks, it was only natural to draw comparisons between Gojo Satoru and Kakashi. That is, until Gojo appeared in front of the crowd.
You had better catch it Jujutsu Kaisen if you missed it. The teacher took off his blindfold, revealing Gojo's face to the world in the anime. Fans who weren't sure if Gojo would ever reveal his entire face thought the moment was magnificent.


Kakashi poses as a photographer in the very last episode (469) of Naruto Shippuden with the goal of photographing the ninja's face. 
Fortunately, Kakashi's face can be seen, unlike the other characters.
Even while Kakashi still has a really attractive face, some fans are rather disappointed by the revelation. At least he doesn't have beaver teeth!


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