The Eminence in Shadow Anime Release Date CONFIRMED!



Genre: Shonen, Action/Adventure, Comedy/Fantasy (isekai)

Release Date:

The Eminence in Shadow Scheduled for 5 October 2022 !


Just as everyone adores heroes in childhood, a certain young man idolizes the powers hidden in the shadows. After hiding his strength by living the mediocre existence of a mob figure by day, while performing frantic training at night, he is finally reincarnated in another world, and obtains ultimate power. The young man, who only plays at being a power among the shadows, his subordinates misunderstanding him, and a giant shadow organization being trampled... This is the story of a young boy who revered the powers in the shadows, and who may end up ruling the shadow world, in another universe.

TV animation "I want to become a powerful person in the shadows! ] 3rd PV << Broadcast starts on Wednesday, October 5, 2022!


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