Does Killua Going to Meet Zigg Zoldyck ?



The Dark Continent will be the location of their meeting since Zigg Zoldyck is unquestionably still alive, and the strongest Zoldyck family member alive and the future strongest old family member are going to meet there very soon.

Yes, Zigg Zoldyck is a member of the Zoldyck family who traveled to the Dark Continent with Netero. However, unlike Netero, Zigg Zoldyck has never returned to the human world. As a result, I believe that Zigg Zoldyck has spent the entire time on the Dark Continent chilling out because Netero was actually powerful enough to conquer the Dark Continent.

It is safe to assume that Zigg Zoldyck can handle the dark Continent as well as he only left since he did so with a fight against Mother Nature. He may even be as strong as their prime Netero himself.

I firmly believe that Zigg Zoldyck has been waiting for worthy opponents to travel to the Dark Continent in order to test his new abilities against them. And since Killua Zoldyck will already be extremely powerful by the time he reaches the Dark Continent, Zigg Zoldyck will face off against him to see how his new abilities stack up.

Yes, we are aware that Killua is currently touring the globe with Alluka, and I believe he is building up his force only in order to be able to defend Alluka, who comes from the Dark Continent.

As Nanika is a calamity that does originate from the Dark Continent, Killua will eventually have to visit it in order to learn more about her. Additionally, there is a chance that Killua will use his unique connection to Nanika to wish for more power without suffering any unsettling consequences.

That Will Go Along With This Wish, So By The Time We See Killua, He Just Might End Up Being One Of The Strongest Characters In The Series Because He Already Has Infinite Potential And He Will Have Been Training To Protect The Two People Closest To Him This Whole Time.

Killua is going to be humbled so severely after a lock is so many of his new powers because even though Killua will be extremely overpowered the next time, he may receive a special power-up from Nanika herself when he finally travels to the Dark Continent and meets his ancestor, known as Zigg Zoldyck. Zigg Zoldyck Will Be Out A Whole Other Level Just Because This Is Somebody Who Was On The Same Level As Netero And He's Been Training On The Dark Continent This Whole Time, Zigg Zoldyck Will Be Appearing In The Story Finally.

Zigg Zoldyck, who has been on the Dark Continent for more than 50 years, will be the one to reveal how Nanika entered the Zoldyck family household. He undoubtedly has some knowledge of the Calamity.

Therefore, this is going to be one of the greatest moments in entertainment history because not only will we witness a struggle for supremacy between the strongest Zoldyck family member in existence today and the strongest family member to ever exist, but we'll also have the opportunity to learn more about Nanika and her past given that she is from the Dark Continent and is also a confirmed as one of the calamity.

Please let me know your thoughts on that, I'm interested in your theories.


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