Top 6 Fantasy Anime You Must Watch


6 Fantasy Anime You Must Watch

In This Article , we will be talking about 6 Fantasy Anime You need to watch ...

6 - Spice and Wolf :

The story takes place in a medieval world in full economic expansion.
Kraft Lawrence, is a young traveling merchant who buys and sells products in the towns they pass through.
One day, he meets Holo, a half-human half-wolf creature, who decides to follow him.
We follow their daily life from city to city, over the meetings, where the only motivations are those of money.

5 - Natsume’s Book Of Friends :

Natsume is a high school student who can see youkai (Japanese supernatural spirits).
One day, demons start chasing him and it is while taking refuge in a shrine that he inadvertently releases a yokai with the appearance of a cat.
The latter is actively looking for a mysterious book that belonged to Natsume's grandmother.
This book, which allows you to control the yokai in which the name is written, would be the reason why Natsume is hunted down daily by spirits. They either want to recover their name or get their hands on the book, a source of power.

4 - Berserk :

The story takes us into the torments of Guts, a powerful warrior driven by an irrepressible and destructive rage who survived the human sacrifice of the God Hand (group of powerful Demons that Griffith joined to rise above Men) which cost life to his brothers in arms.
This first arc of the manga reveals the meeting between Guts and his first companion, Puck the elf.
They will cross paths with Baron Serpent, an apostle of the God Hand, who rules the great city of Koka through fear and violence and feeds on prisoners.
But for Guts, it's a first step that brings him closer to his revenge for killing Griffith...

3 - Wolf Children :

Hana and her two children, Ame and Yuki, live quietly in a quiet corner of town.
Their life is simple and joyful, but they hide a secret: their father is a wolfman.
When he suddenly disappears, Hana decides to leave town to raise her children out of sight. They move into a small town...

2 - Mononoke Hime :

A young warrior named Ashitaka is the chief of his village... But one day, he is injured by a boar named Nago, driven mad by demons... He must therefore leave his people and go in search of the Deer God who alone can undo the spell, if he wants to. So he leaves with his Chowka Roux, Yakkuru.
Where Ashitaka is heading, the animals are masters of the forest... they are the size of Yakkuru... even more... in short: they are gigantic!!
During his journey, Ashitaka meets Lady Eboshi, a woman, leader of a community of blacksmiths. She must defend herself against those who reproach her for destroying the forest of the Deer God to supply her forges... Among her worst enemies is San, a young girl raised by the Goddess of wolves named Moro. San is called by her "enemies" but especially the blacksmiths "Princess Mononoké", the Princess of Specters...

1 - Made In Abyss :

At the foot of the city of Orse lies the Abyss, a gigantic rift of unknown depth inhabited by strange creatures and filled with ancient relics.
Those who decide to go there are called the Caverniers, including Rico, a young orphan obsessed with the Abyss and wishing to follow in the footsteps of her mother who disappeared there.
One day, she meets Reg, an android who looks like a little boy, and with whom she will try to unravel the mysteries of Abyss...


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