Top 6 Anime Where The MC is Lazy But Hiding his Power


6 Anime Where The MC is Lazy 

But Hiding his Power

In This Article , we will be talking about 6 Anime Where The MC is Lazy But Hiding his Power...

6 - Juni Taisen:Zodiac War :

In a world temporarily empty of any population, twelve warriors bearing the names of the twelve Chinese astrological signs compete to make a single wish come true.
Their goal: to be the only survivor at the end of this war.

5 - Classroom of the Elite :

The prestigious Koudo Ikusei High School is at the cutting edge of technology where almost 100% of students go on to university or find a job.
The students have a lot of freedom there, but the truth is that only the elite of the students receive favorable treatment.
We follow the daily life of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji who is part of Class D, which is where the school puts the so-called “lower” students in order to ridicule them.
Kiyotaka Ayanokoji was sloppy in his entrance exams and ended up in Class D. In this atypical class, he notably befriends Suzune Horikita and Kikyo Kushida.

4 - Hinamatsuri :

One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a yakuza. Inside this famous box is Hina, a young girl. She has enormous supernatural powers. His powers can be useful in his profession as a yakuza. However, he runs the risk that she ends up using her powers against him.
Plus, if she doesn't use her powers, she can quickly get out of hand and destroy everything around her.

3 - Gate :

One day, a portal named Gate opens to Earth right in the center of Tokyo. This portal connecting two worlds leads to a bloody attack from the other world on Earth. In this turmoil, we follow the otaku and military at the same time named Youji Itami. The latter abandons his agreement to come to the aid of a police officer and to carry out the evacuation of the survivors.
After the army defeats the surprise attack from the other world, Youji is rewarded for his bravery and heroism and is promoted to second lieutenant in the army.
A few months later, the Japanese government decides to explore the parallel world to protect itself and anticipate a second attack.
After passing the gate, we will follow Youji's Reconnaissance Unit getting to know the inhabitants of this world and its troubles.

2 - King of Nabari :

Miharu Rokujo is a priori an ordinary young boy. An extremely powerful secret technique of Hijutsu, is sealed in him: the Shinrabansho.
A clan composed of dangerous ninjas called "Kairoushuu" is looking for the Shinrabansho to take power, they are not the only ones in this case ...
Kumohira Thobari Durandal, a Jounin but also an English teacher at Banten college, wants Miharu to decide to join the college ninja club association.
Kouichi Aizawa, a young ninja of the same age as Miharu, creator of this club and Kumohira the manager, will train Miharu in order to make him a powerful ninja. He will thus be able to learn to defend himself in order to become the King of Nabari (Nabari no Ô) of the world of ninjas (Shinobi no Sekai).
Shimizu Raimei, a young Samurai finds them a little later to strengthen the protection of the future King of Nabari. But Miharu will have to deal with increasingly powerful ninjas, which could bring back the past that has been erased from him ...

1 - Grimoire of Zero :

Zero is a talented magician who once held a powerful spellbook capable, according to legend, of destroying the world. This precious work has unfortunately been stolen from him, and Zero travels the world in search of the thief, escorted by a mysterious mercenary half-human, half-beast.


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