Dying Light 2 Armor System Explained

Dying Light 2 Armor System 


In This Article, we are gonna talk about the armor system in dying light 2.

Alright, So there is about 6 different slots for armor. you got armor for head, body, legs, arm, hand, and even foot. 

Now you will be surprised to know that this 6 pieces of armor can be customized to your own liking and you can choose out of 500 unique pieces of gear that you will find in the world of dying light 2. 

Yes the game has 500 pieces of armor and that includes all the rarity. White (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Super Rare), Orange (Exceptional) and Gold (Legendary).

So lets say, i have 2 different armor sets. I can have a mix of both and create my own unique armor set. This thing is so different from original dying light because in dying light the outfit is just a cosmetic thing that was just 1 piece outfit and we had no control over customizing anything in our armor set. Also this time the game is more RPG focused so if you played games like Assassins Creed and Witcher, well its just like that now. You got different armors that has different effects to it. 

Techland sort of started testing this feature in the first game by releasing few DLC's with unique outfits, outfits that have special abilities or lets say effects to it. Like some outfits helps you reduce fall damage, some give you a unique skill like boomerang and some reduces the chances of being grabbed. this is Techland teasing us about what's to come in dying light 2. 

So in dying light 2 some armors will have stamina boost, health boost, jump boost, damage boost and more effects like that. also this sort of explains the super human abilities of Aiden that we have seen in some gameplays, if you got all abilities and your armor gives you some boosts well you can expect some crazy moves from Aiden. 

Also since this game has coop, its really cool to see so much variety in outfits and armor pieces. at least We wont see the same outfit every time and everywhere. Between you can customize your bag pack, your parachute, your weapons and you even got weapon charms in game that you can equip. that honestly is so amazing. also a lot of you guys were confused when they saw the picture of Lawan, everyone thought you get to play as Lawan but its not that case. Its just a skin you can customize for Lawan and it even says here she is not a playable character. 

So don't be confused. That was everything about the armor system in dying light 2, I hope you found this article helpful ....
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