Top 6 Most Anticipated NEW Anime 2022

Most Anticipated NEW Anime

1 - The Eminence in Shadow :

Cid is a boy who dreams of entering the ultra-restricted club of Shadow Eminences, mysterious characters who influence the course of events from behind the scenes and who possess incredible powers. When he is propelled into a parallel world following an accident, he decides to take advantage of this new start and build from scratch a story which he secretly takes on the lead role of future Eminence. shade. He even goes so far as to recruit agents from among the young girls around him and shower them with lies to ensure their cooperation ... Only, Cid does not realize that as he goes along, his sales pitch takes hold. a very real dimension! It is the beginning of an epic which gives pride of place to misunderstandings and multiple mistakes!

2 - Summertime Render :

When he learns that Ushio, his childhood friend, has passed away, Shimpei decides to return to his native island, Hitogashima. There, he quickly realizes that something is wrong ...

If this was an accidental death, why was an autopsy performed? What could Mio, Ushio's little sister, see? But before being able to answer his questions, Shimpei and Mio are murdered by a duplicate of the latter ...

And now Shimpei wakes up again on the boat that takes him to Hitogashima to attend Ushio's funeral ...

3 - Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward :

The story takes place at "Kyokutō Hōreigai Tokubetsu Chiku" (Far East Special District Outside of the Law), a floating artificial island located in Tokyo Bay more commonly known as "District 24". We will follow the daily life of three childhood friends born and raised on the island: Ran, Koki and Shûta. Even though they come from different social classes and all three have different personalities and hobbies, they still hang out. However, their relationship will drastically change after a certain incident.

At a memorial ceremony, a year after the incident, the three friends reunite and their phones start ringing at the same time. The call comes from a friend they believed to be dead and who forces them to make a choice that is about to radically change their lives ...

Each of them will have to protect the future of the people of District 24 in whatever way they see fit.

4 - Requiem of the Rose King :

The story is set in England during the 15th century. We follow the life of Richard, abandoned by his mother because he was born a hermaphrodite. Only his father, Catesby, and his nanny know this terrible secret. Neither man nor woman, Richard does not know who he is and is tirelessly called a demon by his own mother. Regarded despite everything by his father as a man and especially as his son, both are very close and a strong and mystical bond unites them. Richard's father, a member of the York family, wishes to become the new King of England, but for that he must fight the Lancaster family and kill King Henry to be recognized as the new ruler.

On the other hand, King Henry is tormented by his position, not supporting war and death, he gradually withdraws into himself. His meeting with Richard will change a lot of things, for both of them.

5 - Uzumaki Spiral into Horror :

High school student in a peaceful town in Japan (Kurouzu), Shuichi has been Kirie's boyfriend since childhood. She notices one day the bizarre behavior of Shuichi's father, who seems fascinated by all forms of spirals ...

It is then that the ambient tranquility of this small town is shaken by the appearance of strange events: in turn, the inhabitants develop a morbid obsession for spirals, leading to metamorphoses and mysterious deaths under the helpless gaze of the two young students and of their comrades. The city would be under a curse ...

Adapted from Junji Ito's manga, Uzumaki is above all a cinematic challenge. Adapting the spiralistic deliriums of the famous mangaka to the cinema, with a love for detail and aesthetics, was a risky but successful gamble. Every everyday object is exploited (spiral staircase, snails, tornado, pottery ...) up to camera shots, more or less subliminal!

Without crying out for a masterpiece, Uzumaki is a surrealist film perfectly mixing crazy visuals and a

unusual narrative structure, a performance which becomes captivating by its originality; even if some will not support the slowness of the whole.

6 - Chainsaw Man :

To pay off his debts, Denji, a young man in dire straits, is exploited as a Devil Hunter with his chainsaw-demon dog, "Pochita". But following a cruel betrayal, he finally sees a possibility of getting out of the shallows where he is languishing! Become overpowered after his merger with Pochita, Denji is recruited by an organization and goes on the hunt for demons ...


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