Top 6 Harem Anime Where The Overpowered Mc Hides His Powers

6 Harem Anime Where Mc Hides His Powers

In This Article , we will be talking about 6 Harem Anime Where The Overpowered Mc Hides His Powers...

1 - Date A Live :

Itsuka Shido is a young high school student living a peaceful life until an explosion destroys the city and a young girl in armor appears in front of him.

Moments later, her adoptive sister Kotori, who is actually the commander of the military organization Ratatoskr, tells her that the girl in question is a spirit that destabilizes space-time.

The only way to stop this threat is for Shido to use his mysterious power allowing him to seal the powers of a spirit within his body. However, this method only works if the mind loves it and trusts it.

Thus, the Ratatoskr organization is going to offer him to go out with this spirit to gain his trust and affection.

2 - Dragonar Academy :

Learning to ride and train a dragon is easy for most students at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy, but freshman Ash Blake, known to his classmates as "problem child # 1," does exception to the rule. Poor Ash is the laughing stock of the school because, except for his old star-shaped mark designating him as a future dragon master, he has nothing to prove this status. His dragon never appeared. At least until now.

On a fateful day, Ash's dragon awakens in all its glory, but in a different guise than other dragons: that of a pretty maiden! And the worst part is that Ash soon discovers that this new dragon has a special attitude: she quickly informs the young man that she is the master, and he, the servant.

When it comes to dragon riding, Ash's troubles are just beginning.

3 - Yu-No:A girl who chants love at the bound of this World :

Takuya Arima is a third grader at Sakaimachi High School whose father, a researcher, was recently missing in an accident.

As summer vacation approaches, Takuya receives a package from his father containing a mysterious relic named Reflection Device. Following the instructions written on his father's letter, he finds himself on Mount Sankaku and meets a strange young woman taking him for a certain "Yu-no". This one disappears immediately after having kissed him.

By force of circumstances, Takuya will travel through various parallel worlds in order to discover the truth about the strange disappearance of his parents.

4 - Hundred :

The Hundred are the only weapons that can take down the "Savages", a mysterious life form. This unknown species has appeared on our blue planet to destroy humanity.

The story follows Kirasagi Hayato, a person who wishes to become a martial arts master using a Hundred. To achieve his wish, he joined a university specializing in the Hundred, called Little Garden. As soon as he arrived, Hayato quickly stood out because his Hundred possessed colossal power.

Right after the entrance ceremony, he receives a duel request from one of the most powerful in the establishment named Claire Harvey. To make matters worse, he learns that his roommate Emile Crossford is indeed a woman!

5 - Dod Days :

The Republic of Biscotti, a country whose inhabitants are mainly nekos, is facing a crisis due to the aggressive invasion of the Knights of the so-called Galette Leo. In order to defend her country, Princess Millhiore appoints a "hero" from the outside world named Shinku, a young schoolboy boy born and raised on Earth.

6 - Anti-Magic Academy :

By breaking the rules of the Inquisitors' code of honor (stalkers of wizards and necromancers), Ôka Ôtori, a seasoned hunter, was stripped of her post and demoted to a lower rank.

Reluctantly forced to join one of the weakest brigades of the Anti-Magic Academy, a center training warriors to become future Inquisitors, our heroine will live an infernal daily life alongside the members of this famous squad.

Indeed, the 35th peloton owes its sad fame to its ineffectiveness on the ground and to its particular workforce, which brings together the worst cases in the academy.

This unit is made up among other young recruits like Usagi Saionji, a young woman with generous curves, Ikaruga Suginami, a taciturn teenager with a flamboyant temperament and Takeru Kusanagi, a young man excelling in the field of fencing but having no gift. for handling firearms.

Quickly, Ôka will realize that it is clearly not the lack of talent that is lacking within the 35th peloton: the real problem of the members of this squad is undoubtedly a flagrant lack of cohesion and team spirit.

From then on, Ôka will use his experience as an Inquisitor to put the members of the 35th platoon back on the right track.

Will she be able to achieve her goals despite the unusual personalities of the members of her squad?


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