Top 5 Isekai Transferred To Another World Anime


 5 Isekai Transferred To Another World Anime



5- Overlord :


The story begins in a game called Yggdrasil, the most popular game of the moment. However, the latter decides to close his servers at midnight.
We are then following a player under the pseudonym of Momonga. The latter is the leader of the guild and decides, all by himself, to wait until the game is closed. Problem, when midnight has just passed, our dear Momonga is still in the game.
It was then that he quickly noticed that this was no longer the game he used to spend his days. The controls of the game no longer exist and the NPCs have become beings with feelings and existence of their own.
Although disoriented, Momonga quickly takes matters into her own hands and decides to make her name a legend thanks to her Level Guardians.

4- Youjo Senki :


The story follows Tanya Degurechov, a young girl in command of an army of wizards in a parallel-world Europe, in the midst of the equivalent of World War I. Despite her young age and frail demeanor, she is capable of destroying an entire army on her own.
Once a commonplace employee in the city of Tokyo, he was assassinated in 2013 and then reincarnated as a young girl in this other world for having angered a God.
With her new powers in her pocket, Tanya will become the army's most dangerous and feared entity

3- Bakemono no Ko :


The story of this feature film takes place in both Shibuya (a bustling area of Tokyo) and Shibutenmachi (the city of the Bakemono, supernatural creatures).
We follow the adventures of Kyuta, an orphan taken in by a sort of humanoid gruff bear by the name of Kumatetsu.
In the company of the latter, Kyuta will learn bushido and its foundations.
Sharing everything, the student and the teacher will also develop a special relationship plunging them into an adventure where fights, conflicts, love and action will be the watchwords!

2- Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation :


The story takes us into the daily life of a NEET who has just been chased away from his parents. Having low morale, he thinks about suicide. Until the day he sees a former classmate about to be run over. With a heroic gesture, he pushes her aside and gets knocked over in her place. As a result, he dies and then finds himself reincarnated in a fantasy world.
He is reincarnated in the body of a child named Rudeus Greyrat. He is the son of a swordsman named Paul Greyrat and a former adventurer named Zenith Greyrat.
Determined to do something with his new life as Rudeus, he will try to become the greatest magician in history.

1- Spirited Away :


After her parents are transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba, Chihiro takes a job in the witch's bathhouse to reunite with her parents and return to the human world. ... He won several awards, including the Oscar for best animated film and the Golden Bear for best film of 2002.


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