Top 5 Fantasy Anime That You've Never Seen Before


 5 Fantasy Anime That 

You've Never Seen Before



5- Uchouten Kazoku :


The story takes place in a world similar to ours, with one detail: in the city of Kyoto, three species coexist. The Humans, Tengu and Tanukis live next to each other without too much trouble, until one day the leader of the Tanuki clan is assassinated!
One of his sons, YasaburĂ´ Shimogamo, accompanied by his friends, will do everything to discover the truth behind this murder.

4- Asendance of a Bookworm :


After her untimely death, Urano Motosu expresses the wish to reincarnate in a world where she would be surrounded by books, her great passion.
When she awakens in the body of 5-year-old Main with all her memories of her previous life, Urano hopes her prayer has been answered but is quickly disappointed. Indeed, in this new world that she is discovering little by little, books are rare and extremely expensive. Only a handful of the privileged, wealthy, have access to it, and the Main family does not ride gold.

3- Wu Shan Wu Xing :


A legend says that a long time ago, monsters could give the ability to certain chosen ones to master the five elements. But for that, you have to go through the dangerous misty mountains ...

2- Hoozuki no Reietsu :


The story tells the daily life of HĂ´zuki, a demon in the service of Yama, the King of the Underworld. As the King's deputy, he must supervise the 272 services of the administration of the Underworld. A job far from easy.

1- Tenshi no Tamago :


At the dawn of a second flood, predicting the arrival of a species superior to man, a little girl finds an egg that she keeps. She meets a young man who follows her, curious to know what is in this egg.


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