Top 5 Anime Where The MC is Overpowered

Anime Where The MC is Overpowered


5- Code:Breaker :


The story leads us to Sakura Sakurakoji, a high school martial arts expert and a mysterious recent transfer student named Rei Ogami.
Rei is a member of Eden, a shadowy government organization whose apparent goal is to enforce law and order. He uses his power to eliminate all those who escape Justice.

4- Brave 10 :


In the year 1599, Japan is divided into several dictinct parts which oppose them a merciless war for power.
Brutality leaves no one free, and even the young priestess Isanami has no choice but to flee to escape the enemies who have ravaged her temple. She discovers by chance in a forest the rônin Saizô Kirigakure, he escorts the young girl to the castle of Ueda whose owner of this castle is the powerful lord Yukimura Sanada.
At first, Saizô ignoring Isanami's request for his protection, Yukimura Sanada needing 10 Braves then recruits Saizô and Isanami as a member. Saizô then finds himself obliged to be the bodyguard of the young priestess.


3- Zettai Karen Children Hyoubu :


In a world where people endowed with extrasensory powers (or espers) are considered weapons of war or dangerous individuals in the eyes of all, each country tries to keep them under control in order to stay in peace or on the contrary to impose itself.
We follow to Japan, a powerful esper, Hyoubu Kyousuke, a former member of the Japanese Imperial Army who was imprisoned after attempting a coup to dominate the world. He nevertheless managed to escape and recreate a group of terrorists, PANDRA, of which he is the leader and whose sole aim is to fight against the "anti-espers" factions in order to avenge their comrades, cruelly killed during the Second World War. global.

2- Gunjou No Magmel :


The story takes place in a world where a new continent named Magmell suddenly appears in the ocean, and so a new era of exploration begins.
Explorers venture to the island to find hitherto unknown life forms and resources, but they suffer disaster after disaster.
The story follows the daily lives of mysterious young men named Anglers who rescue explorers in danger.

1- Senkou no Night Raid :


The sinister Sakurai organization took part. Behind many events, beings with extraordinary abilities were waging a secret war, the deeds of which would come to light.


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