Top 10 TV Shows You Must Watch

10 TV Shows To Watch





A family in Montana, which owns the largest ranch in the United States, is fighting for no encroachment on their land.



In a future where humans are able to "upload" themselves to the afterlife, Nathan, who died prematurely, is greeted in his version of paradise by a certain Nora. He will have to adapt ...



In a fictional world where superheroes have allowed themselves to be corrupted by fame and glory and gradually revealed the dark side of their personality, a team of vigilantes who call themselves "The Boys" decide to move on. action and take down those once beloved superheroes.



In England, in the 9th century, Uhtred, the son of a nobleman, kidnapped by the Vikings when he was a child, must choose between his native country and the people who raised him.



In the 23rd century, humans colonized the solar system and the United Nations controls the Earth. Mars has become an independent military power, and the other planets depend on the resources of the asteroid belt, where living conditions are dire and people forced to work hard. Over the years, the tensions between Earth, Mars and the Belt have grown to such an extent that a single spark could start a war.
In this tense context, the disappearance of a young woman will lead the detective in charge of the case and the captain of a ship in a race through the solar system to discover the largest plot in the history of mankind. .





In the financial world, Chuck Rhoades, a New York federal prosecutor, faces off against some of the wealthiest investment fund managers in the United States. In his sights, the ambitious and brilliant Bobby "Ax" Axelrod, whose power continues to grow. The two men compete in ingenuity to maneuver at best to the chagrin of the other.



At Westworld, a state-of-the-art amusement park, visitors pay fortunes to relive the thrill of conquering the West. Dolores, Teddy and many others are human-looking androids created to create illusions and a change of scenery for customers. For the latter, Westworld is an opportunity to give free rein to their fantasies. This well-oiled universe is endangered when, following an update, some robots begin to adopt unpredictable, even erratic behaviors. Behind the scenes, the team, which pulls the strings of this alternative world, is worried about these more and more incidents. The stakes of the Westworld program being enormous, the Management cannot afford bad publicity which would scare away its customers. What Really Happens With Re-Encoded Androids?

3- OZARK :


Marty, a Chicago financial adviser, quietly launders money on behalf of a drug lord. When his partner betrays him, he must quickly move with his family to the Ozarks Mountains. There, he finds himself unwillingly pitted against a local dealer whose business he competes dangerously, as well as a clan of petty thugs, led by a 19-year-old girl, who seeks to extract money from him. In addition, he must also avoid being spotted by a tenacious FBI agent.
If he is to protect his family, Marty must quickly launder the dirty money, while adjusting to this new life.



In 1919, in Birmingham, soldiers, political revolutionaries and criminals fought to find their place in the post-war industrial landscape. Parliament expects a violent revolt, and Winston Churchill mobilizes special forces to contain the threats. The Shelby family are among the most formidable members. Nicknamed the "Peaky Blinders" for their use of razor blades hidden in their caps, they mainly make their money from betting and theft. Tommy Shelby, the most dangerous of all, will have to deal with the arrival of Campbell, a ruthless police chief whose mission is to clean up the city. Shouldn't he be just as wary of the lovely Grace Burgess? Newly installed in the neighborhood, it seems to hide a mysterious past and a dangerous secret.



Six years before he crossed paths with Walter White, Saul Goodman, known as Jimmy McGill, was a struggling lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To make ends meet, he will have no other choice but to indulge in a few small scams. Along the way, he will meet people who will prove to be decisive in his career: Nacho Varga, or Mike Ehrmantraut, a criminal specializing in "cleaning", who will become his future henchman.
Breaking Bad spin-off and prequel.


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