Top 10 Anime Where Friends Fall in Love

There is something special about watching two friends fall in love with each other. Whether it’s because we see a little of ourselves in them, or we’re just happy to see them find happiness, it’s always a joy to watch. 
In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at 10 anime where friends fall in love with each other. From the heartwarming to the tragic, these anime are sure to tug at your heartstrings. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions!

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 10-  Anonymous Noise 

Nino is a little girl who spends her time singing with her first love Momo and then the young composer Yuzu. One day, when they are about to leave (although Nino does not know it), the two young boys make a promise to Nino: they will find her thanks to her voice ... Nino continues, since that day, to sing.
Several years pass, Nino, a young high school student, finds himself enrolled in the orchestra club of his high school.

9- Bakuman 

Moritaka Mashiro is a ninth grade student with an innate talent for drawing and Akito Takagi, the top student in his class, wants to become a mangaka.
After much argument, Takagi convinces Mashiro to team up to together create the best manga Japan has ever had.
Takagi with his gift for writing hopes to become a very great mangaka and Mashiro with his talent for drawing hopes to marry the girl of his dreams, Azuki Miho.


8- Adachi and Shimamura 

The high school gymnasium was where we always met. It was during class time, but of course no class passed by here.
This was where Hôgetsu Shimamura and I became friends. Where we are talking about TV shows. This was where we made our friendship grow.
Last night I dreamed that I kissed Shimamura. I'm not like that and I'm sure neither is she. I just want her to think of me when she hears the word "friend".

7- Bloom Into You 

Yuu has always loved reading shojos and looks forward to the day when she receives a declaration of love that will give her butterflies in her stomach. Yet when a comrade confesses his feelings to him, this statement has no effect on him. Disappointed and confused, she doesn't know how to answer. It was then that she ran into Nanami, the president of her high school student council. The latter impresses Yuu for rejecting so maturely his suitors. So she decides to ask him for help to solve her problem.

6- HaruChika / Haruta & Chika 

We follow the daily life of Haruta and Chika, two childhood friends, who are members of the music club. They spend their time training and recruiting members for their club.
Everything goes well until an accident is declared in the establishment, due to this, our two childhood friends go in search of clues that can solve the mystery of this accident.

5- Psychic School Wars 

Ryoichi Kyogoku, a young boy who has just joined Kamakura High School, possesses exceptional power. Indeed, this boy is a telepath and is able to control people. He will use this power to accomplish his goal, to take control of the school.
Everything was going perfectly well, Ryoichi managed to control all the students who stood in his way. Until he ran into Kenji Seki, another student who was apparently the only one able to resist him. Ryoichi will then try to get rid of him while Kenji will do his best to bring all these comrades to their senses.

4- Sankarea 

Son of a priest, Chihiro Furuya is obsessed with zombies. He collects everything related to it: films, video games, manga and objects of all kinds. He dreams of one day seeing a young girl brought back to life declare his love for him, even though he knows his dream will never come true.
Following the death of her cat Babu, Furuya cannot accept this fate and tries to bring him back to life thanks to an old book describing the process of creating a resurrection potion. While training in an old abandoned warehouse, he meets Rea Sanka, the daughter of the director of the nearby girls' school. She admits to having run away from home, no longer supporting her family and her current life. She even feels the desire to die in order to reincarnate.

3- Place to Place (Acchi Kocchi) 

The story centers on two classmates: Tsumiki and Io, as well as on their daily life accompanied by the odd witticisms that are Hime, Mayoi and Sakaki.
While young Tsumiki seems unresponsive, Io is unsociable to her. However, a bond of friendship will unite them ...

2- Just Because! 

After living for 4 years in Fukuoka, Eita Izumi returns to live in the city of her childhood a few weeks before the end of her third year. In high school, he finds Mio Natsume and Haruto Sôma, whom he once knew well.
At a time when everyone must decide their orientation, the arrival of Eita risks upsetting many things.

1- Yamada-kun 

Ryu Yamada is a fifteen-year-old high school student who is considered by his peers to be an infrequent teenager.
Indeed, he is rude, vulgar, stupid, in short, he's a bad boy!
As a result, no one wants to hang out with him and our hero feels very lonely.
His life is very mundane until the day he collides on the stairs of his school with a beautiful and intelligent young lady by the name of Urara Shiraishi.
Without realizing it, Ryu and Urara will switch their minds!
Ryu's mind will then get trapped in Urara's body while Urara's mind will get stuck in Ryu's body!
Annoyed by this more than embarrassing situation, Ryu quickly realizes that something is wrong with his chest.


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