5 Horror Anime Movies You Must Watch


5 Horror Anime Movies To Watch



5- Legend of the Overfiend :


In the universe of the anime, there are several worlds. That of humans (the lower ones), demons and animal-men. There is a legend concerning a supreme being (known as Choujin) who is known to all except humans, who says that it is he who can merge all the worlds together so that they live in the harmony.
The main character is a man-animal named Amano Jyaku who was banished to Earth by the Ancient One, so that he finds the supreme being and must protect him for the arrival of a better world predicted by the Ancient One. Of course, several groups of demons are trying to destroy it, so the task will not be easy.
During his mission, his friend Kuroko and his obsessed nymphomaniac sister Megumi arrive on Earth and disturb him against their will.

4- Twilight of the Dark Master :


In time immemorial, the Great Generator engendered Humans, but also Demons and Guardians who never ceased to clash.
We are in the year 2089. Tsunami Shijo is an enigmatic Guardian who manipulates fire and investigates in collaboration with the police. Through his friend Tenku, he meets Shizuka Tachibana, a young woman in search of answers. Her left arm and part of her body were torn off, and all of this is the work of her fiancé, Eiji, a young man forced to become a guinea pig and injected with a transforming virus. humans into monsters.
Because, in the slums of Shinjuku, lurks a demonic entity that Tsunami has already faced in the past and who, armed now with a close guard, seeks by all means to gain in power to defeat the Guardians and enslave the 'humanity.

3- The Garden of Sinners :


A series of suicides is the subject of all the attention and questions of the local media, indeed these suicides all have one thing in common, those who committed suicide have all thrown themselves from the roof of the same building, but the police are floundering.
During these events Kokuto Mikiya fell into a coma and Shiki Ryougi then began to take a personal interest in this affair.
However this case is subject to rumors claiming that there is a ghost on the roof of this building.

2- The Empire of Corpses :


The story of Shisha no Teikoku is set in 19th century Europe, and revolves around John Watson before he was partnered with Sherlock Holmes. He is spotted by the government to become a secret agent. However, Watson lives in a world where the Frankensteins are not a legend. These are human corpses that are re-designed with a fake soul in order to use them as labor to improve industrial development.

1- Seoul Station :


Seoul-yeok follows several groups through the streets of Seoul, plunged in horror since the appearance of zombies.
This South Korean animated film was notably the inspiration for the film Last Train to Busan.


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