10 Great PS Vita Games You Should Try


10 BEST PS Vita Games To Try



10- Persona 4 Golden :


Persona 4: The Golden is a role-playing game on PS Vita. This one is a remake of the PS2 episode and still offers new cutscenes, a few additional outfits, a new character, Marie, and adds 3G and Wi-Fi features to call on other players for backup. .

9- Killzone Mercenary :


Killzone Mercenary is an FPS on PS Vita. You play as a mercenary who fulfills various contracts in parallel with the adventures of the first three Killzones. This is the opportunity to do the dirty work of the ISA or the Hellghasts in order to recover as many credits as possible and to unlock more weapons. The title also offers a multiplayer that can bring together up to 8 participants.

8- Uncharted Golden Abyss :


Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PS Vita is chronologically the first episode of Nathan Drake's adventures. Mixture of gunfights and platform phases, this title invites you to discover the sinister secret behind the massacre, 400 years ago, of a Spanish expedition to Central America. The main hero crosses paths with Jason Dante and Marisa Chase.

7- Freedom Wars :


Freedom Wars on Vita is a futuristic J-RPG in which humanity is imprisoned in penal city states called Panopticons. Players must ally in war to defeat powerful enemies and develop their Panopticon.

6- Severed :


Severed is an action game for PS Vita in which the player controls a lost warrior in a dark fantasy world. Over the course of the battles, she tries to piece together her story and discover the secrets of this universe.

5- Tales of Hearts R :


Japanese role-playing game (RPG), Tales of Hearts R is a complete remake of Tales of Hearts that includes full vocals for the main storyline, new playable characters, revamped 3D graphics and over ten new animated cutscenes.

4- Sly Cooper Thieves Across Time :


Sly Cooper: Thieves Across Time is an action platformer game. The player embodies Sly, in search of his ancestors, on an adventure through time. The game allows a lot of various activities such as infiltration, platforming, research,...

3- Soul Sacrifice :


A-RPG for PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice borrows its universe from ancient tales. The player controls a young sorcerer slave escaping the sacrifice. He goes to a parallel world via a book and there is a series of fights to fight against the evil sorcerer who imprisoned him.

2- Tearaway :


Tearaway is a platform game for PlayStation Vita. We play Iota who will have to go on an adventure in a world of paper. To help it, the player also uses the front and rear touchpads of the console to interact with the game backgrounds by literally tearing them apart with their fingers.

1- Velocity 2X :


Velocity 2X is a mix of platform game and shoot'em up set in a sci-fi universe. The player finds the heroine of Velocity Ultra there in alternating sequences by ship or on foot.


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