10 Best Movie Endings YOU MUST WATCH!!


Looking for Best Movie Endings!! check the article below you will find a total of 10 Movies about that.

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1- Cinema Paradiso :

Alfredo has just died. For Salvatore, a fashionable filmmaker, a whole part of his past is collapsing. We called him Toto at the time. He divided his free time between the office where he was an altar boy and the parish cinema room, in particular the projection booth where Alfredo reigned ...

2- Dancer in the Dark :


Selma Jezkova, Czech immigrant and single mother, works in a factory in deep America. She finds her salvation in her passion for music, especially the songs and dances of the great Hollywood musicals. Selma is keeping a big secret: she loses her sight and her son Gene will meet the same fate unless she manages to save enough money to pay for an operation. When a beleaguered neighbor wrongly accuses Selma of stealing her savings, the drama of her life escalates to a tragic end.


3-  Sword of Doom :


Ryonosuke is an unscrupulous samurai. During a fight in a school, he kills his opponent, and finds himself pursued by his brother.

4- In The Mood For Love : 


20 years later, rediscover the ultimate romantic film at the cinema, in an exceptional restored 4K copy… Hong Kong, 1962. Ms. Chan rents a room with Ms. Suen. The same day and on the same floor, settles Mr. Chow. Their spouses are often absent. One day, Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan find out that their husbands are lovers. Injured, they see each other more and more and they too develop an affair ...

5- Psycho :

Forbidden to children under 12
Marion Crane is tired of not being able to lead her life the way she wants to. Her work no longer fascinates her, her lover cannot marry her because he has to pay a huge alimony, leaving him penniless ... But one fine day, her boss asks her to deposit 40,000 dollars in the bank. The temptation is too great, and Marion runs away with the money.
Very quickly panic begins to be felt. Torn between the anguish of getting caught and the excitement of leading a new life, Marion rolls to a destination she will never reach. The rain is pouring, the young woman stops near a motel, run by a friendly manager named Norman Bates, but who has to put up with her mother's possessive character.
After a hearty meal with Norman, Marion takes every precaution to hide the money. To relax from this day, she takes a shower ...

6- A Separation :


When his wife leaves him, Nader hires a caregiver to take care of his sick father. He ignores that the young woman is pregnant and has accepted this job without the consent of her husband, a psychologically unstable man ...

7- 8½ (Eight and a half) :


A depressed filmmaker flees the world of cinema and takes refuge in a universe populated by memories and fantasies. Images emerge from her past, her childhood and the religious school of her youth, the Saraghina who danced on the beach for schoolchildren, her crazy dreams of a “harem”, her deceased parents. In the spa where he is isolated, his wife Luisa, his mistress Carla, his friends, his actors, his collaborators and his producer come to turn around him, so that the film on which he is supposed to work is finally made.

8- Come and See :


In 1943, in Belarus, a young villager, Fliora, unearthed the rifle of a dead soldier and joined the partisans against the German invader. With the energy and idealism of a child, he dives into the horror of a world that transcends adults themselves. Between wandering and combat, Fliora becomes the witness of all the horrors of war.

9- Waltz with Bashir :


Waltz with Bachir is an autobiographical film. Ari Folman, Israeli director, has a date in the middle of the night in a bar with a friend suffering from recurring nightmares, during which he finds himself systematically chased by a pack of 26 dogs. 26, exactly the number of dogs he must have killed during the Lebanon war in the early 1980s!
The next day, Ari, for the first time, finds a memory of this period of his life. A silent, haunting image: himself, a young soldier, bathes in front of Beirut with two comrades.
He then feels a vital need to discover the truth about this fraction of history and himself and decides, to achieve this, to go and interview some of his former comrades in arms around the world.
The more Ari sinks into his memory, the more the forgotten images will resurface.

10- Beau Travail :


In the Gulf of Djibouti, a platoon of the Foreign Legion repairs the roads and trains for war. In Marseille, ex-adjutant Galoup remembers the moments he lived with his men. He also remembers the commander whom he did not agree to share with a young legionnaire.


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