Top 10 One Piece Movies


Top 10 One Piece Movies


10 / One Piece Movie 8 : The Desert Princess and The Pirates: Adventure in Alabasta


A film based on the Arc of Alabasta.

Luffy comes to the aid of Vivi, a young girl he barely knows, to save his country, Alabasta, from the brink of civil war because of a pirate using the powers of a Devil Fruit, who seeks to ascend on the royal throne.
Vivi is the princess of this kingdom on the brink of destruction, and she will attempt, with the help of Luffy and his crew, all in her power to save the lives of the inhabitants, and bring peace to her country.

9 / One Piece Movie 3 - Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals


Luffy and his crew are looking for the treasure of "Crown Island" from which Nami recovered a map. Suddenly the Going Merry is thrown into the air by the sea. Chopper tumbles into the jungle of "Crown Island" where he is greeted like an animal king awaited by a hundred animals. But on the island, there are also hunters in search of the legendary horns which would provide immense power to whoever eats them. Luffy and his friends must then prevent these criminals from destroying the animal kingdom.

8 / One Piece: Karakuri Castle's Mecha Giant Soldier


The Straw Hat Luffy crew manage to get their hands on a mysterious treasure lying in an old wreck.
Luffy and his gang discover with amazement the contents of the treasure.
This one does not contain gold or treasure cards but just an old lady.
In order to thank the Straw Hat crew for saving her, the old lady decides to tell Luffy and his gang a legend regarding a mysterious treasure hidden on Torishiki Island which is the old lady's native island. .
This mysterious treasure turns out to be in fact the Golden Crown which according to legend is intended for the king of the oceans.
NOT ? listening to his big heart and the call of adventure, Luffy decides to accompany the old lady back to Torishiki Island.
But as soon as they arrive on Torishiki Island, Luffy and his gang are attacked by a powerful defense system set up by the master of Torishiki Island.

7 / One Piece Movie 5 - Holy Cursed Sword


Luffy and his team arrive at a port town on Asuka Island, famous for harboring a legendary treasure: the Shichi Seiken (The Seven-Star Sword).
As soon as they arrive, Zoro disappears after receiving a mysterious dagger with his name engraved on it. The crew does not have time to deal with his disappearance because they are chased by Marines that they manage to sow after a beautiful aerobatics.
They then arrive in a small village attacked by the marines of which Zoro is now part. Surprised by the attitude of their companions, Luffy and his crew seek to know more about what is going on and discover that Saga, a former friend of Zoro, is hiding behind it all, he would try to wake up the Shichi Seiken. Luffy then decides to come to the aid of Maya, the village priestess and former girlfriend of Saga.

6 / One Piece Movie 4 - Dead End Adventure


As Luffy and his crew attempt to escape the Marines, they arrive on Hannabal Island. In a bar they learn that an "underground" race called hullabaloo is organized and that the winner will pocket the sum of 300,000,000 bellis. Nami by his thirst for money orders Luffy to participate in this race where all blows are allowed, the goal being to finish it. But a former marine also participates in this race and is given as being the favorites: Gasparde. His goal is to eliminate all the competitors and Luffy and his gang will have to face him ...


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5 / One Piece - Film 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Island of Secrets


The Straw Hat crew decides to finally take a well-deserved rest. Direction the island of the festival: buxom creatures, succulent dishes, spa ... A true paradise for pirates! But that's without counting on Baron Omatsuri, the owner of the island, who tells them that before enjoying the attractions, they will have to go through hell.
Leaving his companions to face the trials, Chopper searches the island a little more. He quickly discovers some disturbing elements on the true nature of this island and its inhabitants. What dark designs is Baron Omatsuri plotting behind the Straw Hat Pirates? Is Luffy even aware of the situation he will have to extricate himself from?

4 / One Piece Gold


The story takes place on a huge 10 km long boat that is home to the world's largest entertainment city, recognized as an independent nation by the World Government.
Still in search of One Piece, the Straw Hat crew will arrive aboard the casino ship Grantesoro, the world capital of fun for wealthy people, led by the Emperor of Gold: Gild Tesoro, holding he alone 20% of the world berrys and possessing the powers of Goru Goru no Mi, allowing him to manipulate gold.
Impregnable sanctuary where even the Navy cannot intervene, Luffy and his companions will discover the frightening reality which is hidden behind this splendor and try to escape from it at the risk of their lives.

3 /  One Piece Stampede


Luffy and his crew are about to take part in the biggest gathering of pirates in the whole world: The PIRATE FEST, organized by the Machiavellian Buena Festa. Pirates, large privateers, the Navy and even the Revolutionary Army gather there to try to discover the coveted treasure of Gol.D. Roger. But for that, they'll have to fight a former member of Roger's crew, Douglas Bullet, also known as "the demon's heir". During this confrontation which promises to be extraordinary, the worst dangers await the Straw Hats and amazing alliances could emerge ...

2 / One Piece Movie Z


The Dyna Stone, a weapon of mass destruction rivaling ancient weapons, is stolen by ex-Admiral Z at Navy Headquarters. Picked up and cared for by the Mugiwara crew, Z confronts Luffy by repeatedly flouting his convictions.
With the New World in danger through Z's fault, Luffy decides to deal with his case against his own convictions, with the help of his nakama and retired former admiral Aokiji.
He will then have to face the most powerful enemy he has ever encountered.

1 / One Piece Movie 10 : Strong World


The story tells of Gold Lion's escape from Impel Down, and who disappeared for twenty years! He is a notorious criminal, and will find himself wanted by the government, which Sengoku would deal with in person. Shanks and Whitebeard will also participate in the game organized by Gold Lion!


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