Top 5 Anime That will Absolutely Make You Laugh

 Top 5 Anime That will 

Absolutely Make You Laugh

5 - I'm Sakamoto :

Sakamoto is a gifted, strong and charismatic first year high school student who literally turns girls on.

Jealous, some boys try to trick him but Sakamoto always manages to get out of these situations.

But behind his cold gaze, he never refuses to help students in difficulty, like one of his comrades victim of ijime (= persecution by other students) ...

4 - My Ordinary Life :

The plot takes place in a strange school where the principal can be seen fighting against a deer or a robot whose arm contains a rolled cake. Nichijou remains a classic story, however, where the characters create castles of cards or take exams without having revised.

3 - Daily Lives of High School Boys :

Tadakuni is a young high school student who attends a school for boys. He lives in a charming house with his little sister and his parents, and like all boys he wishes to have a girlfriend. However, his life is far from quiet! She would undoubtedly be more peaceful, if her two friends, Yoshitake and Hidenori did not involve her most of the time in more than embarrassing situations and wacky plans! Between his friends who constantly squat in his apartment, fittings for female clothes and classmates who can't stand to see one of their colleagues go out with a girl, the daily life of Tadakuni and his friends is far from being so banal. that it seems.

2 - Konosuba :

KonoSuba tells us the story of Kazuma Sato, a young asocial geek who only goes out to school and buy limited editions of his games. But one day, on his way out, he saw a girl who was about to be hit by a truck, and jumped on her to save her.

1 - The Disastrous Life of Saiki K :

Kusuo Saiki is a 16-year-old student who possesses several supernatural gifts, including telepathy and telekinesis. Powers that anyone would dream of, but which causes our hero a number of problems ... Kusuo still tries to lead a normal life.


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