Top 5 Anime That are Similar To Citrus

5 Anime That are Similar To Citrus

Citrus Anime Following the remarriage of her mother, Yuzu learns that she will have to change high school to go to an establishment reserved for girls, high school in which Mei, his new half-sister is also. If at the beginning their relationship is relatively tense because of Mei's seriousness, things will change between them when the latter will show more signs of affection towards Yuzu ...


5 - Sasameki Koto :

15-year-old Sumika Murasame is in love with her best friend, Ushio Kazama. Unfortunately, Sumika's physique does not suit her. Ushio prefers small and cute girls, which is the opposite of Sumika's physique. It is from this moment that Sumika will do everything to attract the attention of her friend.

4 - Maria-sama ga Miteru :

Yumi is a young freshman who has a deep admiration for Sachiko, one of the "roses" of the student office. For circumstances Sachiko will ask Yumi to become his little sister but she will refuse because the reasons which lead Sachiko to make this proposal to her are not good ... The members will challenge Sachiko: Yumi will have to accept her proposal before that the play Cinderella not be performed. If Yumi does not agree, Sachiko will have to play the lead role and will be forced to have a boy as a partner, which she hates more 

than anything ... if Yumi accepts, she will have to perform this part instead of Sachiko.

3 - Candy Boy :

Yukino and Kanade are twin sisters who live alone together in Tokyo. Although they are twin sisters, what Kanade feels for Yukino is more than just brotherly love ... so we will follow them in their daily lives.

2 - Netsuzou Trap :

Yuma and Hotaru are childhood friends and neighbors. Despite the two of them being a couple, Hotaru makes advances to Yuma, often passing them off as a joke. Having to keep what is going on between them secret, Yuma begins to be confused about her own feelings towards her friend ...

1 - Netsuzou Trap :

The story revolves around Haruka and Yuu, two high school girls whose school will be closed within three years. With the idea of having something "special" in common, the two girls share a kiss.

From that moment, their relationship will deepen ...


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