Top 5 Anime Similar to Tower of God

5 Anime Similar to Tower of God

If you doesn't know Tower of god, Legend has it that at the top of the Tower of God is everything you want. Rachel represents everything to Bam, a young boy born in darkness. When she abandons him to begin the ascent of the 134 floors of the Tower, the latter sets off in pursuit. However, the gradual progression of the Tower only takes place at the end of a test imposed on each floor. Bam will meet different protagonists and will have to brave arduous tests and deadly situations in his perilous advance.


5 - Angels of Death :

Rachel Gardner is a 13-year-old who wakes up in the basement of a huge abandoned building with no memory of what happened.

While looking for a way out, she meets Zack, a mysterious serial killer with a scythe and bandaged from head to toe. Following this meeting Rachel asks him to kill her, the latter accepts on one condition: that she helps him to get out of this place.

Both then decided to join forces to find a way out ...

4 - Magi :

The story of Magi is partly inspired by the famous tales & legends of the Thousand and One Nights.

In the world of Magi, strange places called "Labyrinth" began to appear in a totally random fashion 14 years before the start of the story. Inside ? Mountains of riches, but also horrible traps and dangers. However, as soon as a person reaches the end of the Labyrinth, it disappears, leaving its treasures to the one who defeated it.

Aladdin, the main character, is a most harmless child ... at least in appearance! Indeed, the flute he wears around his neck is the home of a powerful jinn named Hugo.

One day, the duo will meet Ali Baba, whose dream is to enter a Labyrinth, in search of wealth and glory! With Aladdin's help, his dream seems to be within reach.

But Ali Baba does not realize that with Aladdin, his adventure will go much further.


5 Anime Similar to Sword Art Online

3 - The Ones Within :

Akatsuki Iride is a very popular person in the video game community. One day, he unlocks hidden content in a mysterious free-to-play game called "Nakanohito Genome" and discovers that it is a real life video game.

Soon after, he wakes up and realizes that he has been kidnapped and brought to a strange place in the company of other people. Each of these people specialize in different genres of games.

A strange person with the head of a llama brings them together after the first level to explain to them how the game will work.

Thus, they will discover that they have landed in a survival game where they will have to put their lives on the line in order to survive.

Will they succeed in completing this game and regaining their freedom?

2 - Tower of Druaga :

The story begins in the third summer of Anu.

The city of Meskia is the first fortress built on the first level of "the tower".

In addition to Uruk's army, for their third campaign against Druaga, many adventurers called "climbers" travel to Meskia attracted by rumors of the existence of a legendary treasure hidden on the top floor of "the tower" .

Jil, a young guardian, traveled to "the tower" and Metz Kier. He wants to win the Blue Crystal, a legendary treasure ... but the path to the top of the tower is disturbed by Druaga and many other creatures ...

1 - Hunter x Hunter :

Young Gon lives on a small island with his aunt. Abandoned by his father who is a Hunter, both an adventurer and a bounty hunter, Gon decides at the age of 12 to leave to become a Hunter.

It will not be easy, he will have to pass a series of tests and exams along with thousands of other contenders for the title of Hunter.

He will be helped by new acquaintances who aspire to the same goal as him such as Kurapika, Leorio and Killua.


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