Top 5 Anime Like The God Of High School


Top 5 Anime Like The God Of High School


5 - Darwin's Game :

Based on the Darwin's Game manga by FLIPFLOPs

The story centers on Kaname Sudo, a high school student who accepts a mysterious invitation from an app called "Darwin's Game."

Unfortunately for him, Darwin's Game is an urban arena where participants are interconnected via a social network and face off in duels to the death.

Although he does not wish to take part in this game, the other players, attracted by the lure of money, will not let him run away without doing anything.

4 - Tower of God :

In order to find Rachel, the only person dear to him, Bam decides to take all the risks to reach the top of a mysterious tower. To pass each floor, he will have to pass a complex test in which he will play his life each time.

3 - Baki :

It is the adaptation of the arc "Most Evil Death Row Convicts" of the manga New Grappler Baki, sequel to Grappler Baki by Itagaki Keisuke.

This arc takes place a few weeks after the Underground Arena Tournament Finals. Baki plunges into clandestine battles where no rules exist.

2 - Kengan Ashura :

Based on the manga Kengan Ashura by Sandrovich Yabako.

Since the Edo period, gladiatorial arenas have existed in parts of Japan. In these arenas, wealthy business owners hire gladiators to fight against each other in unarmed fights where the winner wins all.

We follow the daily life of Tokita Ouma, a warrior nicknamed Ashura, who devastates his opponents one after the other. His extraordinary abilities are catching the attention of leading business owners, including Nogi Group President Nogi Hideki.

1 - Megalo Box :

Megalo Box is an anime made for the 50th anniversary of the manga Ashita no Joe. This is a project in tribute to the manga of Ikki Kajiwara and Tetsuya Chiba, which will also evoke the theme of boxing.


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