Top 10 Anime That Everyone Watched in Childhood

Looking for Childhood anime to watch or to re-watch!! check the article below you will find a total of 10 anime about that.

NOTE : you can recommend any anime in the comment section below...

10 - Card Captor Sakura 

Kinomoto Sakura is a 10 year old girl living alone with her father and older brother Toya (or Thomas). As her mother died when she was little, everyone has to take turns helping with the household chores in the family. One day when she is alone at home, Sakura is harnessing it, but is disturbed by a strange noise coming from the basement, where her father is storing books. She discovers a strange sealed grimoire there and, without really realizing it, Sakura opens it and a violent wind emerges from it before a strange creature appears.

This miniature winged lion cub is Keroberos, the keeper of the Clow Card. However, because of Sakura, all the cards slipped out leaving the duo in a bind. These cards are dangerous and you will have to capture them all so that they don't hurt anyone. Sakura then becomes Card Captor (card hunter) and is responsible for finding them all.

Gradually, many obstacles will stand in front of her and a rival will appear: Li Shaolan, a descendant of Clow Reed, the creator of the Clow Cards, who identifies himself as their rightful owner.

9 - Monster Rancher 

Genki, an 11 year old boy passionate about video games, wins the tournament, and will receive as a prize the brand new version of the game, the "Monster 200X". Coming home one day from school, Genki discovers the game in his mailbox. Overjoyed, he starts playing immediately. As he is about to free a monster, he is suddenly sucked into the game and finds himself in a virtual world populated by monsters. He very quickly stumbles upon a young girl named Holly and her monster, Suezo, who looks like a big ball with an eye. They try to escape a group of hideous dinosaurs chasing them. Completely disoriented, Genki fled with them.

8 - Medabots 

The sequel to the famous Medabots series, following the adventures of Ikki and Metabee.

These two encounter a strange foe named Jinkai and the Death Medabots. Along with Nae and Erica, they will attempt to defeat Jinkai and these new types of Medabots.

7 - Naruto 

In the village of Konoha lives Naruto, a young boy hated and feared by the villagers. He is feared from the fact that he holds within him Kyuubi (nine-tailed fox demon) of incredible strength, which has killed a large number of people. Konoha's most powerful ninja at the time, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, manages to seal this demon within Naruto's body.

Unfortunately he died there.

This is how twelve years later, Naruto dreams of becoming the greatest Hokage of Konoha so that all recognize him for his true worth. But the road to become Hokage is very long and Naruto will face a good number of trials and will have to face many enemies to reach his goal!

6 - Beyblade 

Tyson Kynomiya is a young boy who lives in Japan with his Grandfather. He is clumsy, impulsive, courageous, stubborn and unthinking. He has a passion: the Beyblade! This spinning top game is very popular and many bladers compete in arenas. The tops host a specter in their center, which links the bladers to their tops. These mystical beasts are invaluable ally during combat. Each blader trains and develops a dominant characteristic: attack, defense, stamina or combination. Tyson will, through this game, make loyal friends, discover the world and face many powerful bladers!

5 - Digimon Adventure 

While they were supposed to spend the summer in a holiday camp, seven children are transported into a virtual world: the Digital World. In this world resides the Digimon, little digital monsters that fall into three classes: data, virus and anti-virus. After their arrival, the children realize that they each have a digimon responsible for protecting and guiding them as well as a digivice, a kind of small computer allowing the digimons to evolve.

Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Izumi, Mimi, Joe and Takeru will then understand that they have been chosen to help this world in which virus-like digimons rule and upset the balance. But survival promises to be difficult for this group of adolescents who, moreover, sometimes face tensions within their group.

4 - Yu-Gi-Oh ! Duel Monsters 

3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt the Egyptians played a game they called the Game of Shadows. Because to play, they had to call on monstrous creatures.

Now, one day, these same creatures began to devastate Egypt. It was then that the young Pharaoh of the time, sealed his soul in a magical object, in order to be able to defeat these monsters that had become too dangerous.

And the world was saved. This object was called the Millennium Puzzle.

Nowadays, Yugi Mutou, a lonely young boy who his classmates annoy because of his small size, receives a puzzle from his grandfather that he brought back from Egypt, telling him that the latter has magical powers.

Yugi then wishes to have friends he can count on in difficult times. He then assembles the puzzle, and there, a second personality, more sure of herself and more determined, takes hold of him.

3 - Sailor Moon 

Usagi Tsukino is an ordinary teenager, lazy, sucks at school, greedy and fan of video games. One day, she helps a cat abused by children and finds her the same evening in her room. Usagi is not at the end of her surprises since the cat starts talking and introduces herself as Luna. She gives Usagi a staff allowing her to transform into Sailor Moon in order to save the world from the forces of evil. She will quickly be joined by Sailor Venus who had already been playing masked vigilantes for 2 years under the nickname Sailor V, but also Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. The 5 warriors of the Moon thus united will begin to fight the forces of evil in order to prevent Queen Beryl from achieving her ends.

2 - Dragon Ball Z 

Dragon Ball Z resumes five years after Son Goku's marriage. Radditz, a mysterious space warrior, arrives on Earth to find Goku, who then learns that he comes from a planet of warriors of which only four survivors remain. The storyline is based on a succession of increasingly strong opponents to fight, but there is also frequently a context of quest or travel which gives an interest other than simple duels.

1 - Pokemon 

10-year-old Sacha, lives in Bourg-Palette, in the Kantô region and his dream is to become "the best Pokémon trainer in the world".

He inherits as his first Pokémon, from Pikachu who turns out at the beginning to have a rather ... electric temperament!

Our young hero, will meet, in his journey, Ondine, a trainer of Water Pokémon, and Pierre, who wants to become a Pokémon breeder.

Our three friends will be confronted with Jessie, James and Meowth, members of Team Rocket, a famous gang of criminals who will never stop wanting to capture Pikachu, whom they take for an extraordinary and powerful Pokémon.

The road to becoming a Pokémon Trainer will be long and strewn with pitfalls.


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