One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers and Release Date

One Piece Chapter 993

Release Date :

The publication of Chapter 993 is scheduled for October 26, 2020. It appears that Eiichiro Oda's health has improved after the news of his poor health. The new chapter will continue the discussion between Luffy and X Drake. Previously, the former Vice-Admiral of the Marines joined the alliance of the famous Straw Hat Pirates by turning their backs on enemies.


Spoilers :

There are predictions that Kaido is on the verge of death, and fans will never miss this scene. Luckily, the new chapter is due out this week. The Weekly Shonen Jump caused a stir after news of the manga series being delayed on Twitter due to Oda's poor health. At that point, One Piece Chapter 993 was about to be released in WSJ Issue 44, but the show's creator suddenly got sick.

His condition left him in poor physical condition which prevented him from completing the new chapter of the manga series, resulting in a delay. Either way, once delivered, it will resume serialization in WSJ issue 46.

In this chapter, Kaido will have a counterattack against the Scabbards if he can survive the frontal strike. Since the scabbards aren't as powerful as Oden himself, there's a good chance Kaido will emerge victorious from the fight. But that doesn't mean he'll come out unscathed. This will form the basis of the main battle that is yet to come.

A few chapters were devoted to Big Mom, who never returned after Robin and Jinbe sent her rolling around the castle. Apparently she met her son Perospero and the rest of the crew there. It is about the alliance forged with Kaido. For his part, Perospero indicates that Big Mom cannot make this alliance because she wants to become the pirate king herself. Previously, Marco met Perospero, and they teamed up to fight Kaido. As Big Mom made her own deal, that complicates things. Marco may have to negotiate new terms with Big Mom in order to find a way to shift her to the opposite side of Kaido.


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