Kingdom Season 3 Release Date Confirmed

Kingdom Season 3


Genre: Seinen, Action / Geopolitics, Drama / Psychology

Release Date :

The animated series (26 episodes) is scheduled for April 2021.

Kingdom TV 3: Season 3 - April 2020 - 26 episodes

Kingdom Anime Season 3 Official Trailer [HD] :


Story :

When alerted, Chu State invaded Qin State.

Quickly joined by the army of Yan, Wei, Han, Qi and Zhao, they form a coalition destined to annihilate Qin.

The greatest generals of Qin are invited to the palace and will have to form armies to try to stop the progress of their attackers, and protect the royal capital. The very survival of Qin State is now at stake, and they have little chance of making ends meet.


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