Kemono Incidents (Kemono Jihen) Anime Release Date Confirmed

Kemono Incidents (Kemono Jihen) Anime

Genre: Shonen, Slice of Life / Investigation, Action / Fantasy

The Official Twitter revealed the announcement of the anime 

Release Date :

The animated series is scheduled for January 2021 in Japan.

A first trailer will be unveiled on October 11, 2020.

Story :

With the expansion of human civilization, the Kemono (creatures of legends) have been driven from their natural habitat and their existence is now threatened.

From these contacts were born half-blood hybrids like Kabane, a young boy half-ghoul, half-human.

He leads a solitary life in a village lost in the depths of the mountains. But when a series of heinous crimes arise, Inugami, a Tokyo detective specializing in the occult, is called in to investigate.

Kabane thus befriends Inugami and helps him uncover the truth behind the murders. But supernatural forces are at work ...


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