Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 

Release Date :

The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 release date is set for Friday, November 20, 2020This according to the official DBS section on Viz Media's Shonen Jump.




Considering now that Moro has merged with Earth and that, in case Son Goku wipes him out, it would destroy the planet as well, one can only think of one alternative: that Vegeta would have to shine again to overcome the current dangerous situation.

So it will be remembered that during Vegeta's big comeback, he showed himself as Moro's natural enemy, although this changed when the villain managed to increase his power to a limit unattainable by anyone other than Son Goku in Ultra Instinct. However, before that, Vegeta showed how the “Forced Partition of Mind” was the ideal technique against an enemy who was absorbing energy from others or merging with a second person; something we see over and over again in Moro.

In this sense, given that Vegeta has already succeeded on one occasion in causing Moro to lose virtually all of the power he had managed to absorb, there is no reason to exclude "The Prince of Saiyans" as a force. necessary in the current state of combat. Logically, we must not forget that there are no more magic beans available and that in the last two episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" Vegeta was totally out of the fight, but we still have Dende.

The little God is in the injured area and it should not be forgotten that Son Gohan told him to give preference to his father and the rest - so Goku could recover quickly despite the terrible injury he suffered at the hands of Moro - . In that sense, given the latest events, it would be possible to imagine that at the time of Dende has already been able to treat several of the wounded in the fight against Moro, Vegeta being among them.

We had already seen clear indications in recent days that while it was highly likely that the 65 manga of "Dragon Ball Super" was not going to be the chapter that would conclude the Moro arc, it was going to cause entry into. the last stretch of the same. In that sense, with a new story arc confirmed for the saga, Chapter 66 is postulated as an increasingly clear option for Goku and Vegeta to permanently end one of the most powerful villains they've been to. faced.


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