Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 

Release Date

About Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 :

The previous chapter was a bit confusing. There was a failed attempt to link the Galactic Patrol with Goku in this effort to harness Ultra Instinct and defeat Moro. Goku did this to save Earth but the Galactic Patrol was also involved. The addition of the Galactic Patrol, Merus, and Jaco isolates most of the Earth fighters. For some reason, Vegeta does not appear anywhere in the entire chapter. The DBS continues to do this throughout the storyline where the main fighters are sidelined for the final battle and Goku does it all at the end.

The panels and the fights were brilliantly done. Goku possessed Moro with every move and performed most attacks without even looking at Moro. He wanted to let Moro know how it feels to be overwhelmed. The mastered form of ultra instinct is essentially the technique in which the user is aware of each attack in advance and there is no way the opponent can match speed. The strength is also somewhat improved. It seems like a sure win for Goku.

Merus took a big last step in sealing Moro's copy powers. It is unfortunate that he must have died like this. I hope the Super Dragon Balls will be used to bring Merus back. There is only one final plot twist left. When such a powerful technique is activated by the protagonist, there is usually a trap. The villain is doing something very destructive in desperation of losing the fight.

Moro could resort to such a technique in the next chapter. Goku does not intend to kill Moro and even if he tries to do so, many before him have failed to kill Moro. He is millions of years old, and Moro ends up absorbing destructive energy instead of becoming more powerful. Moro is essentially a Sorcerer, cunning and intelligent enough to keep himself alive.

The next chapter will conclude the battle of Goku against Moro. We'll also know if Moro will be killed by Goku or if Fighter Z will spare his opponent's life. More information is expected to be revealed around October 17.

Release Date :

Dragon Ball Super manga, the last page of the previous one revealed the date. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 will be released on October 20, 2020. Spoilrs for The manga will be released on or around October 16 or 17.


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