Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Episode 8 Release Date CONFIRMED!

Dragon Ball Heroes 
Big Bang Mission Episode 8


Fierce Fight in the Time Rift! Vegetto vs Super Fu

Release date: 

End of October 2020


Towa's Time Patrollers finally learn their true purpose. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegita wage a fierce fight against Fu. Fu transforms into Super Fu in order to retaliate against Vegetto, who has just merged to counter Cumber's dark aura. But as the blows collide, a dazzling light suddenly emanates from the Tree of the Universe ...

In The Last Episode :

In the time span that the Tree of the Universe grew, Goku and the others managed to infiltrate. Gohan and C-17 are already there. Fu had led them here, and they ran into Bojack and Super C-17. Suddenly, Towa teleports the weather patrollers away. Only Goku and Vegeta remain, facing Fu. During this fierce fight, Fu attacks Goku and Vegeta with the dark aura that controlled Cumber ... and which puts them into a berserk state.


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