Dr. Stone: Stone Wars New Teaser Video 2 / Release Date

 Dr. Stone:Stone Wars

A Shonen, Action , Adventure and Science Fiction Anime,The Dr. Stone: Stone Wars anime (Dr. Stone Season 2) begins its teasing with some never-before-seen footage!

Release Date :

The animated series is scheduled for January 2021

Teaser Video :

Story :

One day, Ooki Taiju takes courage to confess his love to the lovely Yuzuriha.

But a light from the sky turns humanity to stone.

Several thousand years later, Taiju manages to break free. In this world where nature has reclaimed its rights, Taiju finds his beloved still stranded in the state of a statue.

To remedy this, the teenager sets off in search of an explanation and meets his best friend Senku, a physics-chemistry prodigy, who was freed from his stony state 6 months earlier.

Discovering a new civilization as their journey progresses, will the 3 friends succeed in unraveling the mystery of this event which changed their lives forever?


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