Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Release Date

 Attack on Titan Chapter 134

Release Date :


Attack on Titan Season 4 Release Date Confirmed


107 years ago, the Titans nearly wiped out the human race.
These Titans are mainly about ten meters and they feed on humans.
The humans who survived this extermination built a fortified city with surrounding walls 50 meters high to protect themselves from the Titans.

For 100 years humans have known peace.
Eren is a young boy who dreams of getting out of town to explore the outside world.
He leads a peaceful life with his parents and sister Mikasa in the Shiganshina district.

But one day in the year 845, a Titan over 60 meters high appears. He demolishes part of the wall of the Shiganshina district and causes an invasion of Titans.

Eren will see his mother being devoured in front of his eyes without being able to do anything. He will decide after these traumatic events to engage in the military forces of the city with the aim of exterminating all the Titans that exist.



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