5 Anime Similar to Sword Art Online

5 Anime Like Sword Art Online 

1 - Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash :

The story takes place in Grimgar, a fantasy world where the moon is blood red.

Twelve adolescents one day wake up in this world with no memory of their previous life apart from their names. They are then led to Britney, who encourages them to join the Volunteer Army as apprentices. Having no real choice, the teenagers decide to adapt to their new life and accept his proposal. The group then splits into two and each joins a guild. Manato, Haruhiro, Yume, Moguzo, Shihoru and Ranta decide to stay together and evolve at their own pace. But this world has many surprises in store for them, both good and bad.

2 - DanMachi :

Transported into a fantasy universe shaped by an author who takes pleasure in appropriating the mythologies of the world, we find ourselves in Orario, a city that has become a home to gods and goddesses who are not unknown to us.

After the death of his grandfather, Bell Cranel has just one thing in mind, to become a renowned adventurer! To do this, he will have to overcome the terrible labyrinthine Dungeon of Orario. Fortunately, he will be able to count on the support of his protective goddess, the so-called Hestia.

So begins the legend of Bell, or almost ... because the path of our young novice adventurer will be long and strewn with pitfalls.

Between clashes against impressive monsters, and machinations of divinities intrigued by the mysterious abilities that our hero develops ... Bell's new life will not be easy!

3 - King's Avatar :

The story follows Ye Xiu, a professional Esports player living in Hangzhou, China. Widely regarded as the best player in the Glory video game, Ye Xiu is the team captain of his Esports team, owning the 'One Autumn Leaf' account but is forced to resign from the team, dropping one of the strongest accounts in the game and leaving the competitive scene due to his reluctance to participate in any marketing for the benefit of the team. Ye Xiu ends up finding work as a night manager in an internet cafe, where he meets Chen Guo, the cafe owner who happens to be a big fan of his old team and his old 'One Autumn Leaf' account. While waiting for his return to the competitive scene, Ye Xiu continues to play the game and build a character from scratch on a new For Glory7 server.

4 - Chivalry of Failed Knight :

Some magicians are able to create weapons by materializing them with their soul. They are called Magic Knights. Our hero, Ikki Kurogane is a student in an academy aimed at training future Magic Knights. However, he doesn't have any magical skills, which earns him the nickname Failed Knight. One day, Stella, a princess from a foreign land who is also the best student in the academy challenges him. What is at stake? The loser of this confrontation will have to obey the winner until the end of his life ...

5 - Log Horizon :

Log Horizon is about online video games.

The anime adapts the manga of the same name by Mamare TOUNO and Kazuhiro HARA.

Shiroe is an MMORPG enthusiast. One day while playing Elder Tales, he finds himself trapped in the game along with 30,000 other people. From now on, it is not possible to use the log out button or to be killed.

Gradually, players lose the will to play, realizing that they will end their life there. But Shiroe doesn't want to give up. He then begins a journey to understand where the problem comes from.


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